Sunday, September 28, 2014

BULLETRAIN / Start Talking (2014)

Bulletrain was founded back in 2006 by guitarist Mattias Persson and drummer Jonas Tillheden in the suburbs of Helsingborg, Sweden. With the addition of singer Robert Lindell, bassist Tim Svalö and guitarist Adam Börvall who later was replaced by the guitarist Robin Bengtsson, Bulletrain released their first EP "Johnny Gonebad" on their own in 2007. "Turn It Up!" was the band's next step in 2009 and, nowadays, the band is ready to unleash its debut album which is entitled "Start Talking".

Bulletrain's music has attitude, it is like a fist in your face and for sure it's gonna make some heads bang! The vocals are powerful, the guitars are sharp with clever riffs and solos and all of the songs are tight and well-written!

The opening tune of "Nothing But Trouble" is pure hair metal delight; in some parts it reminded me of Shotgun Messiah's "Second Coming". Yes, it has this bad-ass attitude that takes this song to a higher level and the guitars here gonna kick some serious asses! "All For One" is a more fast-paced rocker while "From The Bottom Of My Heart" is yet another Shotgun Messiah-esque track and, of course, another highlight from the new record. The chorus line is killer! Now it's time for some serious talking with "Start Talking"; yep,this is a huge sing-a-long Scandi hair metal anthem that' gonna blow you away! Listen, also, to the really stunning "Bad Blood" that brings back the sound of the late 80's back in such a unique way!

Bottom line is that BULLETRAIN with this really impressive release achieve to bring back the hair metal of the late 80's, early 90's, back without loosing their own identity. It's fresh, it has attitude, a big and powerful sound and it's going to end-up high in this year's Top list! Great album!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10 

Track Listing :
1. Nothing but trouble, 2. All for one, 3. Dark Days (Dark Nights), 4. From the bottom of my heart, 5. Even with my eyes closed , 6. Start Talking, 7. Out of control, 8. Phantom Pain, 9. Bad Blood (out of love), 10. Dicing with death, 11. Take me to the sun, 12. Joannas Secret

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