Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunken Monkey / Party Scars (2014)

Sunken Monkey were originally formed in the early noughties, and draw influences from the likes of NOFX, The Menzingers, Rise Against and Four Year Strong. The line-up of the band has chopped and changed over the years, but the theme has always remained the same – a bunch of friends with a story to tell. Having already released their self titled debut album in 2009, after extensive gigging and at last settling on their current line-up, the band took some time out to write their second album.

So, nowadays, Sunken Monkey is ready to unleash album number two which is entitled "Party Scars". The band's style is punk rock with attitude without using the stereotypical American accent punk... in a few words just a four bunch of friends playing what they like with heart and soul. To be honest with you here, I was never into the punk scene. After a couple of spins of "Party Scars", I have to say that I like it. The music here is simple and as I already mentioned above it has attitude and the guys put heart and soul making the final result really solid. The opening track of "This Town's Too Big (For The Both Of Us)" is a great sample of Sunken Monkey's music. A straight forward rock track with a strong dose of punk rock in it with powerful performances and nice arrangements. Other good songs from the new record are "Party Scars", the funny and one of my personal favorites "More Beer Than Blood", "After All", the punchier "Never Look Back" and "Lookin' Ain't Fuckin'".

Overall this is a good release all the way. Even if this style is not my cup of tee, I have to say that I enjoyed it and I'll keep an eye on them in the near future. For the fans of classic punk rock with attitude, this is a must check!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

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