Wednesday, August 13, 2014


These German youngsters have grown up and nowadays they are ready to unleash their brand new dynamite which is entitled "Megalomania". Since the release of the debut "Steel Of Swabia", Kissin' Dynamite released two more solid albums, celebrated chart success, played over 500 live shows all over Europe and Asia and has had numerous TV-appearances. At the time of their debut “Steel of Swabia”, the band members were no more than 15-16 years old.

Now the boys became man and with "Megalomania" they are ready for some bigger things, that's for sure! The sound here is a bit heavier and more 'modernized'. The sound has more depth and it is bigger than life! The opening tune of "DNA" is simply breathtaking; a bad-ass riff kicks off the things here along with a modern touch and there you have a simply killer track to sing-a-long for days!! Huge, really huge!!

"VIP In Hell" is yet another highlight from the new record. It's heavy, it has attitude and, for sure, this one is one of the heaviest songs here. "Deadly" is movin' to some classic hard rock paths and includes a more commercial sound with again a killer chorus line! One of my favorites!  Just listen, also, the excellent modern hard rock bliss of "Running Free". "The Final Dance" is a superb power ballad that features a sweet melody, a great solo and a very nice chorus.

Bottom line is that KISSIN' DYNAMITE with "Megalomania" achieved to release their best album to date, period! This record comes like a dynamite to shake our world and it's the living proof that this band is sooooo talented talent!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01. DNA
02. Maniac Ball
03. VIP In Hell
04. Fireflies
05. Deadly
06. God In You
07. Running Free
08. Legion Of The Legendary
09. The Final Dance
10. Ticket To Paradise

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