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Giancarlo Floridia is the lead singer of the hard rock band FAITHSEDGE. The band is ready to make some noise in the hard rock world with its brand new effort which is entitled "The Answer Of Insanity". Giancarlo took the time to answer to Heavy Paradise's questions about Faithsedge's newest release but also some other cool stuff! Enjoy!

Heavy Paradise : So, a new Faithsedge album, and, in my opinion a great one, is on its way, Giancarlo. If you ask me, I would dare to say that this new one is a bit heavier and as I said in my review a bit better than the debut. What do you think about your new baby?

Giancarlo : So far the response is better than the first and the first one got good reviews and everybody still likes it so I am very happy . I was not sure if was going to be too aggressive for most melodicrock fans but it seems since I kept the hooks and melody in the vocals it didn't turn people off who also liked the first record . I think I'm finally taking my song writing and vocals to the level they should be and looking forward to always trying to become the best that I can be as singer / writer , so I'm proud of my new baby !! haha !! 

Heavy Paradise : Could you tell us about the songwriting in “The Answer Of Insanity”? Who is responsible of writing the lyrics in Faithsedge? Is it a team work or is a one man’s job?

Giancarlo : I write all the words and myself and Fabrzio Grossi and I co write music . I also co wrote a song with Alex De Rosso on this album "Are we gonna stand?"and worked with one of my friends Brandon Eski on "Revolve my world". But we play as a team and work together great and get along great so I think everyone complements each other and the songs very strong . Everyone can play their asses off so when I write I don't have to feel like limited  on musicianship . I mean this guys rip , still boggles my mind that I get to work with these guys that are so talented and treat me like family too ! I'm extremely grateful !

Heavy Paradise : The guitar lines of Alex De Rosso are one of the band’s strong weapons. Along with the impressive and solid rhythm section and, of course, your strong performances, FAITHSEDGE is a big hope for the hard rock scene in general; how do you see this particular scene nowadays? 

Giancarlo : Alex is beyond amazing , I mean he can shred or play blues or hold back when he needs to or go ballistic when needed so it's great that he can cover so many styles technically but he also knows what is best for the song . He understands song writing . Like if you listen to "Comes Crashing Down" or "Are we gonna stand?" it's almost like the emotion of the vocals and lyrics are still speaking to you . He takes things to the next level and the fact that he's humble and easy to work with makes it a million times better . Once again I'm grateful . And the rest of us yes we bust our asses too !! haha !! Thanks for mentioning that yes it's my hopes to have a new band that can give you the melody and songs that people used to look forward to hearing all the time but some how got lost by trends and over production . I think the scene is in big trouble but I also see it as a chance for me to stand out as singer and writer because I'm going against the trends and following my inner voice .

Heavy Paradise : Is there any ‘new’ band that you’ve distinguished from U.S.  or Europe from the new generation of hard rock ?

Giancarlo : Oh boy !! In America ? I live here and the answer is no . Most of the bands that I am seeing that really believe in this type of music is from overseas or has members from overseas . The labels also . In America it's just ummmm not doing well in terms of finding writers / new melodic bands . I mean even we all live in different parts of the world and my drummer lives very far away from me too in Nashville ! But I do see some bands that are really cool but yes they are all from over seas . I mean it seems to me that outside of America people like what they like and thats it .Where as here people follow what is hot for one moment and then it's dead and gone . And thats just how it is unfortunately.  

Heavy Paradise : Does the title of the album, “The Answer Of Insanity”, has a special meaning or is it just a title?

Giancarlo : It's about a response to someone who is no longer right in there mind . It's also about all the bad things that I've seen in my life throughout the years and embracing this darkness and putting it into my music as something productive . I'm trying to do something good with all the bad I've seen for so many years . It's saying everything is insane and backwards and my way of dealing with it or my response is my music . It's a very personal record and very real and it was very important for me to write to get some serious demons out of my life . 

Heavy Paradise : So, let’s go back to your new album again; If you had to pick your three best songs out of “The Answer Of Insanity”, which would these be and why?

Giancarlo : "Pray for this " is probably the best song I've ever written in terms of goal setting for myself and it seems people are grabbing that one a lot in the reviews so far . But honestly you have to listen to the whole record . I write albums I don't just say I'm gonna write a hit !! I say to myself I'm going to make an album that you have to listen the whole way through because I want to give every song the same hard work as the other . So yes check out the whole record cause even for this record we couldn't decide the single which is a good thing ! 

Heavy Paradise Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline) and Eric Rango are the two new faces in Faithsedgecamp; was that helpful to collaborate with these two very experienced musicians?
Giancarlo : The are both two of my fans in the biz on the keys so it's an honor ! I mean Eric family is family to me also we take our kids out and go hang out etc . Alessandro is funny as hell and he's producing the next album I'm going to Italy to work with him next year to record and I'm almost done writing it . They helped bring out the best in this record and they helped bring out the best in me also because on a personal level they help me as a friend and trust me when you write a record like this go a little nutty so everyone helped me get through writing this . I went through some dark places going back in  my mind on this one and it was always good to have Eric , Alessandro , Alex , Tony and of course Fabrizio to be as great as they are musicians as friends to me ! Thats how we roll cause we're all Italian !! ahahahahahaha

Heavy Paradise : Last year you appeared in “JANI LANE – Tribute Memorial Show” where you were performed some Lane’s classic tunes. I guess that you are a big fan of this so talented musician (Jani Lane-Warrant) that passed away too soon. Can you tell us some things about your  appearance in that show?

Giancarlo : When I was 18 Jani used to call me on the phone and motivate me . He took the time to hang out with me and give me advice and taught me to believe in myself and although he had his demons he never once made it out to me that he was proud when he would drink . He never once asked me to drink with him all we had were good times . He was nice to my friends and also to my friend who passed away who helped me name Faithsedge . The hardest part about knowing Jani was how people treated him when he was alive they used to be rude and nasty to him as a person or make fun of how he looked or would bag on him , I think people were jealous and honestly deep down it had to be hurtful . 

And once he was gone everyone was like "oh shit we lost a great musician/ writer "I just wish people would have treated him better when he was alive .
Anyways  It was an honor to be asked to do the show for him and also I helped put together the artwork for his final song he recorded before he passed away "Sin" and am also the track next to his on that album . So it was great to get to know him when he was here and its great know his friends and family now his wife Kim is a great strong woman and I know he's looking out for all of us now . I hope I've made him proud ! 

Heavy Paradise :  So, closing this interview is there something else that you want to add, Giancarlo?

Giancarlo : Yes !! I'm excited about this next album that I'm working on Alessandro and I are coming up with some Italian Cannoli Cream Black Sicilian style in your face style metal ! (Thats for you Ale)!! ahahahahahahahah !!! I also want to thank Fabrizio for taking me this far and still being the kick ass bro he is !! I will also be having a new surprise guest on the next record to take over for Fabs bass . But all I know it's too yellow and black to get into it right now !! haha I'll leave it at that !! But yes next record is going to be awesome same melodic edge of the 1st but the strong fire of the 2nd !!! Lets rock and I look forward to getting back in the studio with Alessandro in Italy mid next year !! Lots of good stuff ahead !! And also thanks for your support !

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