Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Downcast Art has released their first music video. The video is based on the song "Face Without A Name".  This is the first of the two videos the band is preparing for publication this year.  

It is characterized by a developing dance act.   The dance has a focus on movement and facial expressions portraying the transition of an individual from a free, unencumbered, sensitive and specific person to a representation of the “faceless mass" of people who wear emotionless masks in front of each other.  The video is a direct interpretation of the lyrics of the song.

The video’s theme is presented through a combination of a dance choreographed by FREE DANCE Dance Center and video of the band in a typical presentation format.  The video for "Face Without A Name" represents the cooperation of various artists from Karlovac:  musicians, dancers and filmmakers.

The video is a production of the Izvan Fokusa association and the "FREE DANCE” Dance Center. Technical properties are provided by "EUROTON" with the support of the Croatian Defense Ministry.  These efforts have resulted in the video available for viewing at this link:

This year will also see the release of the music video for the piano version of  “Home Of Silence“. For more information about Downcast Art and upcoming events visit their official websites:

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