Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DAVID A. SAYLOR / Strength Of One (2014)

David A. Saylor (Push UK, Wild Rose) is back! After the last year's solid EP, "Kiss Of Judas", this so talented musician is back again with a new album on his sleeve which is entitled "Strength Of One". This new opus contains eleven strong and extremely melodic tracks that all are showing Saylor's warm and passionate voice.

The album, also, features David Mark PearceBrett Hammond and Nik Lloyd on guitars among others. The music here is simple and pure melodic rock/AOR stuff at its best and in an old-fashioned way that will put a wide smile upon the face of every single fan of this particular scene.

After the good opener tune of "Welcome To The Show" comes the first highlight of the album; "Now You're Leaving" is the perfect example of pure old-fashioned AOR stuff that includes a great melody, smooth vocal lines and a harmony that stuck in your mind for days. "Flying High" is yet another cool melodic rock gem that features a catchy chorus line and a really killer guitar solo! More edge in "My Heart Ain't Feeling Nothing" while in "It Must Be Love" the classy AOR arrangements are in front row! "Caught In The Middle" is another personal favorite track out of this extremely interesting release.

As I said above, "Strength Of One" is an extremely interesting release from start to finish! David A. Saylor put heart, soul and all his influences from a great era to this record and that's a thing that reflects in each and every single moment of "Strength Of One".
Heavy Paradise's Rating: 8/10

Track Listing :
01. Welcome To The Show, 02. Now You're Leaving, 03. Flying High, 04. Don't Say Goodbye, 05. My Heart Ain't Feeling Nothing, 06. Why Does Our Love Have To End, 07. Beaten Black & Blue, 08. Falling Star, 09. It Must Be Love, 10. How Do I Believe, 11. Caught In The Middle.

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