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HOUSE OF LORDS / Precious Metal (2014)

Words are not enough when it comes to such a band as House Of Lords. This legendary melodic hard rock act has released some really stunning efforts and wrote its name with capitals in the hard 'n' heavy scene. It was in 1988 when House Of Lords unleashed its amazing debut opus and till now it's one of the classic ones in this genre.

"Sahara" and "Demons Down" were both excellent, harder edged than the debut but classic! The band's comeback was in 2004 with the different, but rather interesting, "The Power And The Myth". This album had a more progressive, I would dare to say, direction that mixed the feelings of the die-hards a bit! But two years later, the band came back with its best album to date; the brilliant "World Upside Down". That was, imho, one of the best heavy rock albums over the past 20 years. The "Come To My Kingdom" and "Cartesian Dreams" were both in the same vain and in 2011 the band released the good "Big Money".

So, nowadays, "Precious Metal" is entitled House Of Lords' brand new work and after a couple of spins, I have to say that is about a really solid album, full of all of this band's trademarks; and that means big hooks and choruses, powerful performances, excellent guitar work and a tight musicianship. I, also, have to add that in "Precious Metal" House Of Lords achieves to mix perfectly the past with the present. This new album has a raw n' classic hard rock sound in the vain of their debut but, also, have all of the elements of their last four records. So, let's see track by track how this new one sounds.

"Battle", the opening track is a classic HOL track; powerful with attitude and with an explosive chorus line that you'll whispering for days.
"I'm Breaking Free" is a cool up-tempo rocker and sounds fresh with an updated sound.
"Epic" is another up-tempo rocker with again a modern vibe in it and a catchy chorus.
"Live Every Day(Like It's The Last)" is one of those classic 'darker' House Of Lords tunes that you love from the first listening.
"Permission To Die" has a nice groove in it and includes a solid guitar work.
"Precious Metal" is a great ballad!!! It has a sweet melody and James Christian's emotional vocal performances really shines here!
"Swimming With The Sharks" is one of the heaviest tunes here with a killer guitar riff and is among my favorites from the new album!
"Raw" is a good heavy rocker but nothin' really breathtaking! Bell's guitar work here is awesome!
"Enemy Mine" (with Robin Beck) features a 'modern' vibe and this maybe will mix up the feelings of the die-hards a bit. Sounds like a leftover from "The Power And The Myth".
"Action" marks the band's comeback to some serious, kick-ass heavy rockers! One of the highlights!
"Turn Back The Tide" could easily appear in the band's "World Upside Down" release; a huge track and, for sure, a future classic! Jimi Bell's guitar smokes here!!!!
"You Might Just Save My Life" that closes the album is another killer hard rocker!! Great arrangements, a solid rhythm, in-your-face performances and an up-dated sound that make this one a killer song!!

Closing my review, I have to say that I enjoyed the new House Of Lords a lot. I really can't say if this is the band's best album to date or if "Precious Metal" will be a future classic; only time will tell!! The one that I have to add is that, if you are a fan of House Of Lords, then the only thing that you have to do is to add this to your collection! A solid record that features powerful performances, a tight musicianship, amazing guitar work and a bunch of some killer tracks!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Battle
02. I'm Breakin' Free
03. Epic
04. Live Every Day (Like Its The Last)
05. Permission To Die
06. Precious Metal
07. Swimmin' With The Sharks
08. Raw
09. Enemy Mine
10. Action
11. Turn Back The Tide
12. You Might Just Save My Life

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