Saturday, February 8, 2014

Alternative Rockers The GoAround Release “Her Love Is Like Glass”

Los Angeles, CA – The Pennsylvania brothers who make up The GoAround are proudly standing on the verge of a long-lasting music career.  With a new video for the single “Her Love is Like Glass,” The GoAround show the world what they are made of. Proving to be unstoppable, the duo is at it again after releasing their bluesy, rocking debut album, Restating the Question. “Her Love Is Like Glass,” is one of the staple pop numbers off the album with a catchy hook and vibrating electric guitars to match.

Creating poetic magic with “Her Love is Like Glass,” Alexander, 22, and Anthony Saddic, 20, tell the story of a boy in relentless pursuit of a frustrated and uninterested girl whose patience dwindles upon each of his unsuccessful attempts to win her heart. Carried by charged electric guitars and rolling drums, the song is a radio-worthy track mastered by Nathan Dantzler at The Hit Lab and features Justin Ruppert on drums and Eduardo Zancanaro on guitar. The stellar production brings the duo’s convicting vocals to the forefront and illuminates a raw emotion that only true artists are capable of conveying.

The Saddic’s have an artistic vision that stretches far beyond their angelic voices. The new music video for “Her Love is Like Glass” was shot and directed by David Adeogun. To complete their visual masterpiece, The GoAround called upon friends and fans to donate glass items such as jars and bottles in order to create a lively visual metaphor of love being either a beautiful or painful experience. In exchange, all contributors received a shout out at the end of the video, as well as a free T-shirt and an invitation to a private screening of the video before its release. Watch the video on The GoAround’s YouTube channel.

The equally talented brothers decided after multiple lineup changes that all they really needed was each other, and have since continued making music in the form of a duo. Born and raised in West Chester, PA, their father owned a project studio in their home basement where he wrote and recorded pop music, while their mother enrolled them in piano lessons. As they grew older, the two-man band refined their skills and eventually picked up other instruments including the guitar and keyboard. The musical pair has showcased their chops at local venues such as The Note, The Trocadero, The Fire and even in backyards by personal request. Gaining a wave of popularity, The GoAround has received accolades from Music Connection Magazine, Pure Grain Audio, The Celebrity Café, and have appeared on Radio 104.5 and Neumann Radio.

Diverse in numerous ways, Alexander and Anthony have what it takes to survive the competitive arena of music. The long locked brothers are on to something legendary and their pure talent and drive is a testament to just how far they will go. Watch the new video for “Her Love is Like Glass” on YouTube and be sure to download the song on iTunes. Follow The GoAround’s journey   

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