Sunday, January 19, 2014

CHINA / "We Are The Stars" (2013)

China, for those who don't remember them, is the band that has released two superb pieces of melodic hard rock album at the late 80's. Especially their "Sign In The Sky" was and still is a classic album and a must have for each and every single fan of the melodic hard rock scene. After that, they have released several studio albums, some were really good, and a couple of live until 2010 that China's newest effort "Light Up The Dark" was a fact.

That was not a bad one but for sure didn't reached the quality of their earlier stuff. So, nowadays, the band's new opus is entitled "We Are The Stars" and with this one the guys hope to mark their triumph return to the melodic world. Only the lead singer from the early days remains on board but that's no problem at all 'cause the new blood is givin' the extra push and makes China sounds fresh with an updated sound.

The sound here, as I already mentioned above, is fresh and it's movin' to the safe Euro melodic hard rock paths with a modern twist that makes "We Are The Stars" very enjoyable from start to finish!! Just listen to the brilliant modern and up-tempo tune of "Everywhere You Are" or the amazing melodic rocker with the monstrous chorus "Kisses On Fire" and you'll understand what I'm talking about here! Other highlights are the old-fashioned "Crazy Like You", "We Are The Stars" and the breathtaking "Breakdown"!!

Overall, this is a great modern and extremely melodic album all the way! China marks their comeback to the scene with this album which is a bit different for their style but believe me it's a great rock album that can't be missed!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01 - Crazy Like You
02 - That's A Lot Of Love
03 - Everywhere You Are
04 - Uninvited
05 - Circles In The Sky
06 - Kisses On Fire
07 - Breakdown
08 - Inside Out
09 - Remember My Name
10 - We Are The Stars 

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