Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday update from vocalist CHANDLER MOGEL!

Happy Holidays!  Chandler’s new band KHAØS who have released the EP “Rising” last year to critical acclaim have just finished putting the final touches on their debut album which is slated to be released early next year.  In the meantime they are in the running to play Sweden Rock next summer!  But they need your help to make it!  Please click on the link below and scroll down the page to vote for KHAØS….and you can cast up to two votes per day from each computer or mobile device so please feel free to vote as much as you can!

Additionally, Chandler has a special holiday surprise for you…..a new Christmas rock song/ video entitled “She Wants the D for Christmas”!  Chandler provided the vocals for this catchy new novelty song, which has been described as Motley Crue meets Sesame Street, and was written and produced by NITRAM STUDIOS in conjunction with Room 368 Productions.  A few laughs for the holiday season….and the “D” is not what you think… feel free to let your kids watch too!  Click below to watch the video and enjoy!

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