Wednesday, November 13, 2013

VITNE / NEON (2013)

VITNE is an artist that was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. His first introduction with music was, as a child, by violin and later he attracted to the flute which he is still playing up to this day! Growing up, he developed a deep appreciation with hard rock, hair metal and glam metal and fronted the Norwegian hair metal band SEKS in 2010-2012.

2013 marked a shift for Vitne with the release of his first solo effort, the 4-song “Not Far From Shallow Water” EP which featured two music videos directed by Vitne himself. His single,
“Destroyer”, recently won “Best Music Video” in August 2013 by the Akademia Awards. So, nowadays, Vitne is about to unleash his debut album which is entitled "Neon"!!!

The music here is simple with nice melodies, catchy and memorable choruses, up-tempo rhythms, strong arrangements and very good guitar work. The band consists of Vitne on lead and backing vocals, rhythm acoustic guitars/bass/flute, Julian Angel on lead guitar, backing vocals, Steen Larsen on lead guitar (Track 8), Phil Robertson on drums, Sean Emmel on keyboards and Roxxie Zilver on backing vocals. I have to admit that most of the tracks here impressed me with their 80's, early 90's vibe and honestly except a couple of average tunes the rest are pure delight!! "Nasty Habit" brings back memories from the glory 80's with its up-tempo rhythm, the ultra-catchy chorus line and the Reckless Love vibe in it!! Excellent stuff!! "Royal Nights" rocks harder while the groovier "Lick You Up" will make you wanna shake and tumble, if you know what I mean..! Other highlights here are the beautiful acoustic ballad of "Rest In Peace" the heavier and 'modern' rocker tune of "Destroyer" and the cool "To The Sky". The incredible limited glass usb includes also two bonus tracks that are both very good.

All in all, this is an extremely interesting release and a real pleasure to listen to! I enjoyed it a lot and my advice is to visit VITNE's official homepage at and grab your copy NOW! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :

1. I/O (Intro)
2. Destroyer
3. Nasty Habit
4. Silhouette
5. Royal Nights
6. Lick You Up
7. To The Sky
8. I’m Feeling Deadly
9. Cruisin’
10.Rest in Peace

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