Saturday, November 23, 2013


Sorronia is a new female-fronted symphonic power metal band and "Words Of Silence" is entitled its debut opus. The album's sound is a mix of symphonic metal stuff with a strong dose of hard rockin' riffs, big melodies some Gothic pinches but, also, some newer power metal elements as well!

After a short and kinda of epic intro, comes the first song of the album, "Fallen Angel". This is a really interesting tune that includes Anna Kiraly's soulful performances, a more 'modern' metal sound, strong arrangements and overall this is a good appetizer of what's to expect next! Next comes the beautiful "Enemy Of Yourself" that features a 'darker' vibe, a nice melody and again Kiraly's sensational vocal lines. The Gothic/ethnic elements are more obvious in the very good tune of "Serenade Of Memories" while in "Lost In Falling" we have a more straight forward sound and a more up-tempo rhythm with a very good guitar work!!

"Shattered" is one of the highlights here; it's powerful and melodic at the same time and it can be characterized by its beautiful melody! "My Eternal Land" is another very good sample of Sorronia's music. The album closes with "Leave It Behind" and "This Is The End" which are both very good.

Bottom line is that Sorronia in their first step achieved to deliver a very good debut album! This band is very talented and that's a thing that can be heard on every moment here. The performances of Anna Kiraly are close to perfection and the guitar work is another strong point here. The rhythm section needs to be tighter but let's not complain; overall this is a very interesting release that can't be missed by any fan of the female-fronted symphonic metal stuff with a 'modern' twist.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,8/10

Track List :
1. Intro
2. Fallen Angel
3. Enemy Of Yourself 
4. Serenade Of Memories
5. Lost In Falling
6. Shattered
7. My Eternal Land
8. Leave It Behind
9. This Is The End

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