Saturday, November 9, 2013


Almost two years since the release of the solid "Black As Death", IRON MASK is about to unleash the brand new "Fifth Son Of Winterdoom" effort later this year. The band has already released four albums so far ("Revenge Is My Name", "Hordes Of The Brave", "Shadow Of The Red Baron" and "Black As Death") and this new one is the second with the legendary Mark Boals on lead vocals.

The album features some really amazing and inspired riffs and solos (very Malmsteen-esque), powerful performances by the 'mighty' Mark Boals, a tight as hell musicianship, strong arrangements and well-crafted songs. The sound is typical power metal with lots of melodies and all the neo-classical elements of their earlier works as well.

"Back Into Mystery" which opens this new album is a straight forward rocker with a 'clever' hook and a catchy chorus line to die for and of course a huge guitar solo. A really strong start! "Like A Lion In A Cage" could easily appear in any of Malmsteen's earlier works; this is a typical guitar-driven heavy rocker that will put a big smile upon the faces of the guitar freaks out there. New-classical at its best!!! Other highlights here are the powerful power metal hymn of "Rock Religion", the ultra-catchy with a more commercial sound "Angel Eyes", the dark ballad "Father Farewell" and "Run To Me".

Solid, powerful, heavy and at the same time melodic with some brilliant guitar work by Dushan Petrossi, an acclaimed singer (M. Boals), a tight rhythm section and there you have one of the best melodic power metal albums of 2013! Great stuff!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01. Back Into Mystery
02. Like A Lion In A Cage
03. Only One Commandment
04. Seven Samurai
05. Fifth Son Of Winterdoom
06. Angel Eyes, Demon Soul
07. Rock Religion
08. Father Farewell
09. Eagle Of Fire
10. Reconquista 1492
11. Run To Me 
12. The Picture Of Dorian Grey

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