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For those who might not know, which I believe are a few, David Reece was the vocalist of the legendary Accept for one and only album as well as the singer of Bangalore Choir for the fantastic "On Target" release in 1992. An album that is a must for any fan of the classic hair metal sound !

After many years of absence and a few guest appearances on several projects, the 'warm' voice of Reece returned to the music scene with the Swedish band of Gypsy Rose, in 2008. Two years later, it was the turn of Reece's main band ,Bangalore Choir, to return with the solid "Cadence". It followed another one effort with Bangalore Choir as well as a collaboration with the great musician Martin Kronlund to successfully reach now and David's brand new solo work which is entitled "Compromise". To be completely honest, however, I would have to say that although the last two Bangalore Choir releases were pretty solid, the problem was that both lacked of the big moment, the big 'hit', if you know what I mean!

So, enough with the inputs and the Bangalore Choir. Let's focus to the artist's new essay. For those of you who have not lost the 'touch' with the likable rocker over the recent years, certainly you know what to expect from David Reece; loud hard rock songs with passionate vocals, some modern rock pinches, tight arrangements and excellent guitar work . Definitely this is not the "On Target" number two, but it certainly is much better in many respects from the last Bangalore Choir album!

In "Compromise" will encounter strong and catchy hard rock songs like "End Of It All", "Coast To Coast", "Disaster" and "Evil Never Dies" that will remind us a little of the glorious days of the 80's, early 90's and, also, some very beautiful and very melodic tracks such as "Everything To Everyone" and "Someone Beautiful", that the Reece's voice takes off literally !

There's nothing more to add here for the "Compromise" album; the only thing I would say again is that this is a very good purchase for every hard rock fan out there that includes some really solid tracks in it!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
1. Disaster
2. End of it All
3. Fortunate Son
4. Someone Beautiful
5. Along For the Ride
6. Coast to Coast
7. All Roads Leave to War
8. Where My Heart Belongs
9. Everything to Everyone
10. Evil Never Dies
11. Treasure Hunter

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