Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It's sure been way too long for the melodic hard rockers Adriangale to release a new album! "Crunch" (2004) was a hell of a record and one of my all time favorites from this particular scene with a an 80's, early 90's, sound in the vain of Danger Danger and Def Leppard. Nowadays, the band is finally back with the brand new "Suckerpunch!" and it's about another fine effort from this so underrated band!!

This new one continues the legacy of their last one which means catchy hooks and choruses, inspired solos and riffs, great arrangements and could easily be described as "Crunch" number 2!!! There are plenty of rockers enough to make you shake and tumble as the amazing opener tune of "Sucker Punch", the Danger Danger-esque "When I Said You'd Be The One", the heavier "All About The Money" and my personal favorite tune of "Give Me A Sign", which is the absolute highlight from the new album!! Another melodic highlight here is the harder AOR-ish tune of "What Would You Do" that features a huge chorus, a very nice guitar work from Vic Rivera and Jamie Rowe passionate vocal lines. There are, also, a couple of slower tunes here, "The World We Knew" and the emotional ballad of "You", that makes "Suckerpunch!" a perfect purchase for each and every single fan of the melodic hard rock/hair metal scene!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01 - Suckerpunch!
02 - The Black and Blue
03 - When I Said You'd Be the One
04 - All About the Money
05 - Believe
06 - Give Me a Sign
07 - What Would You Do
08 - Temporis Intermisson
09 - The World We Knew
10 - Could of Been Me
11 - You

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