Saturday, September 21, 2013


Swedish melodic heavy rockers COLDSPELL are proud to present their third full-length album which is entitled "Frozen Paradise"! With their two previous releases, Coldspell offered us some really solid samples of pure melodic hard 'n' heavy stuff full of great riffs and inspired solos, powerful performances, a tight musicianship and, most of all, very good songs!

Their last album, "Out From The Cold", was among my favorites from 2011 and I was looking forward to the band's next step. Once again the 'mighty' Tommy Hansen ( TNT, Helloween, Pretty Maids e.t.c.) is responsible for the production and, also, the mixing of "Frozen Paradise" and I have to admit that the result will please every single fan of this band but, also, the fans of pure Euro melodic heavy sound!!

The album starts with the simply amazing tune of "Paradise". A solid and in-your-face rocker with a 'punchy' riff and Niklas Swedentorp heart-full performances. "Angel Of The World" is a very good rocker while "Life Has Just Begun" features a fantastic guitar work by one of today's most talented guitarists Michael Larsson. This one also includes some 'modern' heavy elements but it's 100% Coldspell!!!  Next, "Going All The Way" has a nice groove in it, a Whitesnake vibe and a really catchy chorus line! In "Alive", we are messin' with a brilliant and more traditional hard rockin' tune with very good arrangements and a nice chorus line. One of the album's highlights. "Life 2 Live" is a keyboard-driven track with a stunning harmony, a huge hook and a catchy as hell chorus! Huge stuff! Now it's time for another highlight with the 80's influenced, and my personal favorite,  "On The Run". "Soldiers" and "Falling" are both very good songs while "Dark Reflections" has a heavy yet melodic guitar riff and an inspired rhythm that will please every single fan of this band.  The album closes exactly as it starts; with a great track, "Legacy", full of amazing performances, a big sound and, of course, a huge guitar work!!!

The fact that I'm a Coldspell-freak made me enjoy and love every single minute of "Frozen Paradise"! This time the guys put more melodies, more attitude and the final result is bigger, louder and better than their previous two releases. Michael Larsson and his gang achieved to present their best album to date, no doubt about this, that will put a wide smile upon the face of every fan of pure melodic hard 'n' heavy sound out there! One last thing; the front cover is once again brilliant!!!! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01 - Paradise
02 - Angel of the World
03 - Life Has Just Begun
04 - Goin All the Way
05 - Alive
06 - Life 2 Live
07 - On the Run
08 - Soldiers
09 - Fallin
10 - Dark Reflections
11 - Legacy

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