Wednesday, September 25, 2013


ASSIGNMENT is an excitement Art Metal(??) band and took this characterization 'cause of its variety of styles of the band's sound. They achieve to combine perfectly the catchy hooks and choruses along with the hard-edged guitar lines with a strong dose of progressive rock elements.

Their debut album, "Progressive Changes",  in 2004 received a positive feedback from the metal press and the band released a second one and more aggressive , "Disunion Denied" which was mastered by Michael Schwabe's Monoposto Studios Dusseldorf (Scorpions, Paradise Lost). This time, Assignment have the honor to collaborate for the epic "Inside Of The Machine" with some of the biggest names of the heavy rock scene such as Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart, Redrum e.t.c.), Robin Beck, Mats Leven and Carsten Kaiser.

After a really impressive start with the dark and melancholic instrumental tune of "Upload The System", it comes the real thing with the heavy "The Intrusion". A heavy Jaded Heart-esque track with the amazing and powerful performances by the mighty Michael Bormann. "I Am The Machine" features a more progressive vibe, strong and passionate vocal lines, great arrangements and it's among the highlights of this album!! Another highlight here is "Between Heaven & Hell". This is an extremely melodic and, at the same time, heavy song in which Robin Beck and Michael Bormann put heart and soul and make a really classic track. "Messiah's Fall" includes an impressive guitar work while in the epic tune of "Ending Love" we have another stunning duet and, of course, another strong moment!!!

After some spins of "Inside Of The Machine", I caught myself enjoying every single minute of it. A tight musicianship, strong and powerful performances from a bunch of great singers, great guitar work, solid arrangements and plenty of melodies mixed with a heavier sound are the ingredients of Assignment's newest release. The talent of this band along with the experience of this impressive guest list of musicians make the "Inside Of The Machine" a must have for each and every fan of the metal scene generally.    
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5 / 10

Track List :
1. Upload The System
2. The Intrusion
3. I Am The Machine
4. Resistance
5. Love Between Heaven & Hell
6. Betrayal
7. Messiah’s Fall
8. Ending Love
9. Another Sacrifice
10. Electric City
11. Walk Alone
12. Eternal Silence
13. Bug In The System
14. End Of The Machine

Guest Vocalists:
Michael Bormann „Nick“ – Vocals
Carsten Kaiser „The Machine“ – Vocals
Mats Leven „The Preacher“ – Vocals
Robin Beck „The Mistress“ – Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Bernie Versailles – Lead Guitars
Markus Knubbe – Lead Guitars
Christian Riepert – Lead Guitars

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