Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The Go Around is a newbee in the melodic modern rock world which is consists of Alexander and Anthony Saddic. This talented duo became an official band after multiple line-up changes and nowadays they are ready to release their first official effort which is entitled "Restating The Question".

Their music is simple, catchy and has a modern rock vibe in it with solid arrangements, beautiful melodies, very good performances, short but intense riffs but some bluesier-acoustic elements as well. The whole album is a very enjoyable ride and finally achieves to leave you with a relaxing feeling after all.

"Make It Loud", the opener track, is an acoustic cut that reminded me of the legendary NELSON brothers earlier works. "When I Hit The Bottom" is a 'punchier' modern rocker while "I Ran" is again a great sample of what this band is capable of doing when it comes to a modern rock song with attitude!! For sure, one of the highlights of this debut! "Her Love Is Like Glass" and  "Remedy" are both very good songs with nice hooks and choruses, passionate performances and good guitar work. Coming-up next is "Fooled", another in-your-face rockier tune that includes superb vocal lines and an up-tempo rhythm. Other highlights here are the great mid-tempo "On Your Shoulders", the acoustic "War" and the alternative "You Come Alive".

Bottom line is that The Go Around is a very talented band and that's a thing that reflects to their music. These guys have the abilities to write a good song and that's the most important!! I'm looking forward to hearing more and, of course, bigger things from them in the near future...
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10 

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