Monday, August 19, 2013


Jesse Damon is no stranger in the field of the melodic hard rock scene! He is the frontman of Silent Rage who had their breakthrough with the release of their amazing "Don't Touch Me There" in 1989. The truth is that apart of this brilliant release, I had missed Damon's 'traces' until now that I came across the promo of this gifted composer / guitarist and vocalist Jesse Damon.

For those who don't already know, and I'm among them, this new effort, "Temptation In The Garden Of Eve", is his third solo album!!! As I said above, I had no idea that this artist has already three solo releases so I was looking forward to hearing his new album.

In "Temptation In The Garden Of Eve", Damon collaborates with Paul Sabu, who is responsible for the production, the mighty Eric Rango and Pete Newdeck of Eden's Curse.

The album starts strongly with the "Garden Of Eve"; a song that reminds me of Silent Rage earlier days and it's a great appetiter for what is to follow next! In "Black Widow", I would swear that sings David Reece of Bangalore Choir!! Btw this is a great hard rockin' tune!! The sequel includes more AOR tunes such as "Save The World" and "I Need You Forever" which are distinguished for their beautiful melodies, very nice vocal lines and includes some really amazing guitar lines!!

The "Temptation In The Garden Of Eve" certainly contains a couple of some mediocre songs but the final result will please every single fan of Silent Rage's fan out there! This is a pretty good album with solid arrangements, strong vocal lines and a totally 80's hard rock air that makes this album a very good purchase!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track List : 01.Garden Of Eve 02.Black Widow 03.Save The World 04.I Need You Forever 05.Save Me 06.A Chance For Us 07.Let It Rock 08.Angel In The Starlight 09.Hold On 10.Little Angel 11.Wishing Well

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