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IBRIDOMA is an Italian heavy band that was originally formed in 2001 by Alessandro Morroni (drums). Soon the band took flesh and blood with the addition of singer Christian Bartolacci, Simone Mogetta (guitars), Pietro Alessandrini (rhythm guitars) and Lorenzo Petrini on bass.

The band's first big success was the first prize at the "Rock Around The Road" festival in 2004. After that, Ibridoma have started to work on their own material and, finally, in 2005 they released their debut EP with the title "Lady Of Darkness". This album received some solid reviews in the net and Ibridoma's future was looking bright! In 2007, guitarist Marco Vitali came on board and "Page 26", their second album, was a fact. The band participated in many live gigs and toured with big names such as Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen and Blaze Bayley among others.

So "Night Club" is the band's third release, second full-length album that has been released last year. "Eagles From The Sky" is the opening track and it's about an old-fashioned classic flavored heavy rock cut with a heavy riffing, a nice solo and a catchy chorus line. I would say that this song seems the perfect opener for this record and an appetizer of what's coming-up next! The next couple of tracks, "Cold Light Of Moon" and "Night Club", are both good with a strong metallic edge in them. "Seven Days Of Death" is movin' to the same heavy metal paths as the previous ones while "Why Do You Feel Alone" has a darker vibe in it with an excellent guitar work and strong arrangements. The next tracks are good except of the one that closes this effort, "Face To Face", which has a more commercial and hard rock feeling and it's among my favorites from "Night Club"

Closing, I have to say that Ibridoma with this album achieved to draw my attention. These guys are moving in the safe old-fashioned metal paths with a more fresh air and, it's sure, that the final result will please most of the 'old' metal/hard rock fans out there. Most of the songs here are well-written, well-performed with nice hooks and choruses and very good guitar work. In my humble opinion, I would prefer a more down to earth vocals but that's only my opinion. I'm waiting to hear bigger things from IBRIDOMA in the near future!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track List :
1. Eagles From The Sky
2. Cold Light Of Moon
3. Night Club
4. 7 Days of Death
5. Why Do You Feel Alone
6. Last Supper
7. Businessmen
8. Face To Face 

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