Tuesday, July 23, 2013


"Tales From The Inner Planet" is MYLAND's fourth release after the band's solid last effort "Light Of A New Day" in 2011. I really enjoyed "Light Of A New Day" a lot. It was a very good opus with a bunch of some well-crafted tracks with nice arrangements, a strong guitar work, a tight musicianship and overall powerful performances.

So, I was expecting anxiously this new one and to be honest I had high expectations for some bigger things. The sure thing is that after the huge opener tune of "Wave Of Memories", all my expectations were fulfilled! This is a brilliant keyboard driven melodic hard rock gem and a great appetizer of what's coming-up next. The chorus line puts you into a melodic rock heaven and the guitar solo is simply breathtaking!! "In The Rising Sun" is just another great sample of pure melodic hard rock stuff while "Feel The Fire" grabs you with its up-tempo rhythm and makes you whistle it for days!! "She's Gonna Run Away" , "Hold On", and "Rising Up Again" are all very good songs with powerful performances, nice melodies, 'clever' choruses and strong arrangements. "Heart And Soul" moves into some more AOR-ish paths with a mellower rhythm. "The Last Mile" is a good one while  "The Warfare Is Over" is a rather average tune and in fact the first average track so far.  "Out Of The Shadows" brings back the 80's melodic hard rock sound with its great harmony and the sing-a-long chorus line. "Rock Me Shake Me" includes a nice groove in it, a huge guitar sound and its among my favorite tunes from the new album. "Bad Love Addiction" and "All For One" are both good tracks but nothin' really breathtaking. Finally, the song that closes the album, "If You Could Say The Same" is an excellent mid-tempo melodic gem!  

Myland with "Tales From The Inner Planet" achieve to build a very strong album with some brilliant and extremely melodic tracks. All of the songs, except a couple of some average ones, are well-played with attitude and the band is clear that has put heart and soul to this record!! As you can already assume from my review, I have enjoyed every single minute of this album! Bottom line is that this release is a must have for every single fan of pure European melodic hard rock sound with powerful and at the same time emotional vocal performances, attitude, great guitar work, a tight musicianship and memorable choruses! Highly recommended!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List : Wave Of Memories, In The Rising Sun, Feel The Fire, She's Gonna Run Away, Hold On, Rising Up Again, Heart And Soul, The Last Mile, The Warfare Is Over, Out Of The Shadows, Rock Me Shake Me, Bad Love Addiction, All For One, If You Could Say The Same   

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