Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vicolo Inferno, "Hourglass" out soon!

Vicolo Inferno, "Hourglass" out soon!
The debut album by Italian hard rock band Vicolo Inferno will be released on May 28th, 2013. The label logic(il)logic Records published on its YouTube channel a small trailer for the album featuring the track "Tombstone" and the drawings by illustrator Stefano Landini ( "Hourglass" will be distributed by Andromeda Dischi.

The track list is:

1. Hardesia
2. Hourglass
3. Tombstone
4. Dangerous Dreams
5. In Your Red
6. Cold Moon
7. Hangin' On The Blade
8. Stonering
9. Earthquake
10. Lipstick (bonus track)

"Hourglass" features ten tracks dealing with difficult themes, such as the hard separation from our past and the elusive modern life. Ideas translated into explosive mix of hard rock, aor and modern rock that creates a personal sound, melodic and captivating.


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