Thursday, May 9, 2013


To be honest I was looking forward to this release! Since their debut EP in 2011, "Anthem For The Young N' Restless", these young Scandi hard rockers impressed me with their raw, in-your-face, up-tempo and Sunset Strip sound. It was a damn fine piece of pure hair metal-sleaze sample in the vain of early Skid Row, Guns N Roses, Ratt with a strong dose of the new hair metal scene and bands such as Crazy Lixx and Dynazty!!

So, in a few words, if you are a fan of the above mentioned bands and sound please, do a favor to yourself and check this one out!! In this record, you are going to face a 'punchy' attitude, some loud and screaming guitars, a very charismatic singer and plenty of catchy tracks strong enough to make you shake and tumble!! "Screaming For Adrenaline" is the opening track and it's a great in-your-face rocker with the an early Skid Row-esque vibe in it especially in the chorus line. "Anthem For The Young N' Restless" (taken from the debut EP) it's another loud tune full of nasty attitude, big gang vocals and a sleaze to the bone guitar work!! Cool stuff!! "Relentless Renegades" is a furious and more speedy track while "Sweet Sensation" has a more commercial sound but again it's a great one!! "Nothing Compares To You" sounds like it came out from a Trixter album with its feel-good vibe and its killer chorus line! "High On You", "Let's Get The Party Started" and "Alive" are all three pure hair metal delight!! Ass kickin' stuff with lots of attitude, sing-a-long chorus lines, killer riffs and solos and powerful performances!! "Lovin' You (Is Just For Playing)" is a good enough rocker to start your late nite party and "Aiming High" is the absolute highlight here; fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride! The song that closes the album, "Let Me" is really really good!!

Call it hair metal, hard rock, sleaze hard rock or whatever you want, it really doesn't matter at all; this is a great record all the way! Lots of attitude, massive choruses, killer solos & riffs, a tight musicianship and a very charismatic front-man !! All the above mentioned things plus an 80's, early 90's vibe and there you have one of the best records of this particular scene over the last decade! For sure, these guys are aiming higher after this album........
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01 - Screaming For Adrenaline
02 - Anthem For The Young 'n' Restless
03 - Relentless Renegades
04 - Sweet Sensation
05 - Nothing Compares To You
06 - High On You
07 - Let's Get The Party Started
08 - Alive
09 - Lovin' You (Is Just For Playing)
10 - Aiming High
11 - Let Me (Lay My Love On You) 

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