Thursday, May 16, 2013

Johnny Lang's first album in seven years is finally due!

 It’s been seven years since Jonny Lang last released a studio album, but the wait is almost finally over.
Lang has signed a brand new recording deal with the Mascot Label Group and will release the follow up to his Grammy Award Winning 2006 album Turn Around, to be released end of  August.

Jonny and his band will embark on a promotional trip of Europe in late June followed by his first extensive tour of Europe in over a decade.

With this album, I really look forward to going to different territories and countries all over the world, and just trying to be a positive presence for people in places where I have never been before,” Lang commented. “I'm excited to do that. It sounds like we'll be going to some new destinations this time around, and I really look forward to it.

We are thrilled to be finally able to work with Jonny Lang and I predict that he has a glorious future ahead of him,” remarked Mascot Label Group owner/founder Ed van Zijl. “What a voice!”

If the blues is all about the crossroads, Jonny Lang has been standing in the right place. Lang is the ideal representative of a new and innovative generation of blues artists – one who respects and reveres the traditions of the past hundred-plus years, yet isn’t afraid to embrace more complex and evolved genres and graft them to the blues foundation to create a hybrid sound that is both traditional and fresh at the same time. Since the release of his major label debut Lie To Me in 1997, the then 16 year-old Lang has built up his fan base and reputation as one of the best live performers and guitarists of his generation.

“This particular record has taken quite a long time to finish for a lot of different reasons, Lang remarked. “Most of all, Istarted having kids a few years back. Between being with the family, and being out on the road touring, the last thing you want to do when home is to go make a record. I'm really happy with the body of work we have for this one. It's kind of hard to be excited and know what the record going to be like when the process is extended over such a long period of time. Today sitting here I am really proud of the recordings.



October 1           Paris, FR                                           New Morning
October 3           London, UK        Borderline
October 5           Avignon, FR        Avignon Blues Festival
October 8           Hamburg, DE      Markthalle
October 9           Bochum, DE        Zeche
October 10        Munich, DE         Muffathalle
October 12        Nancy, FR            Nancy Jazz Pulsations
October 14        Amsterdam, NL  Melkweg
October 15        Brussels, BE        AB Club


  1. Thank you for this news. Yes, it's benn seven years since the last record. Jonny Lang is one of the best performers on earth and he's a great person.
    I made a french website about him in order to help french people to know him better. It's been 14 years since he last came in France !


  2. JONNY. not "JOHNNY".