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Swedes Cult Of The Fox were formed in 2007 and that year they released their debut demo which was titled "Kitsunetsuki". In 2008, they came back with "The Power We Serve" and "The Sea Beneath The Sand" in 2010. In 2011, the band recorded and released its first full-length effort, "A Vow Of Vengeance", and received a positive feedback from the metal community.

So, nowadays, the band is back with its brand new album with the title "Anglesbane". The band consists of Daniel Fritze on drums, Peter Svensson on bass, Erika Wallberg on guitars and Magnus Hultman on vocals. There are, also, some well-known musicians as guests here such as Christian Lindell of PORTRAIT, Kenneth Jonsson of TAD MOROSE and Mattias Nilsson of SOILWORK.    

From the first spins of the album, you will realize that "Angelsbane" it's about an old-fashioned heavy metal record full of heavy riffs, aggressive and in-your-face vocal performances and a strong rhythm section. No modern elements here just pure metal stuff with attitude in the vain of Mercyful Fate, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden and Torch!! Vocalist Magnus Hultman has a rough voice, but, also, delivers some high pitched vocal lines here and there, and Erika Wallberg offers some good riffs and solos that will please the fans of this kinda music. Highlights here are the punchy opener tune of "Angelsbane" which sounds of a leftover from a Mercyful Fate's earlier stuff, the NWOBHM-esque "Rising Flames", the melodic and 'darker' "Winter Came Silent" and "The Fire".

Bottom line is that this is a very interesting release all the way. A traditional heavy metal album with well-performed tracks full of heavy riffs and nice solos that will please every single fan of this gerne. For all the 80's metal fans, this is a must check release!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track List :
1. Angelsbane
2. Nine Ones
3. Upon the Throne of Skulls
4. Rising Flames
5. Ready For Eternity
6. Winter Came Silent
7. Black Magic
8. My Wrath Unleashed
9. The Fire
10. The Divine Kill 

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