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For those who don't know Alex De Rosso, allow me to tell some things about who is Alex De Rosso. He is an Italian and very talented guitarist who knows how to write a killer track and, of course, an inspired riff and solo. The fans of Dokken will remember him as a member of this legendary band.

De Rosso is also a member of Faithsedge (along with Fabrizio Grossi) and has participated in several projects as guitarist such as Headrush, Solna, Vertigo (with Joseph Williams of TOTO) and Brunorock among others. So, nowadays, this very talented guitarist is back with his fourth solo album which is titled "Lions & Lambs". For this release, Rosso collaborates with some great musicians such as Don Dokken, Reb Beach, George Lynch, Doug Aldrich, Steve Lukather and Timothy Drury.

"Disappear" which opens the album is a pure hard rock delight! A song that features Don Dokken on lead vocals and it could easily appear in any of Dokken's earlier albums! Fantastic guitar work, tight arrangements and Don's powerful performances. In the harder edged "Resistance", we find Doug Aldrich to share some solos and riffs while "Something About You And Me" is a 'moodier' melodic rock track that features Steve Lukather. Another song that reminds Dokken's latest works is "Rise My Life". It's heavy with a 'darker' vibe in it and here we have the guitar 'fight' between Rosso and Reb Beach!! Brilliant stuff!!!! "Your Mirror" is a nice and extremely melodic ballad to come to the more 'modern' influenced tune of "It Doesn't Matter Now", a song that brings memories from Rosso's work at Headrush. "Another Million Years" is another emotional build ballad with a beautiful melody and a catchy chorus line. "Feel The Hope" is a bluesier modern melodic track (George Lynch) and "Chasing Illusions", features Timothy Drury on lead vocals, is one of the album's highlights. It's a more laid-back tune with heart-full performances and great arrangements. "Them Bones" which closes the album is a superb cover in this classic Alice In Chains tune!

This is a solid album! I own every single record of this great artist and I was anticipated about this one; all my expectations from this record has fulfilled!! Great arrangements, superb guitar work, an impressive list of guests and some really excellent tracks in this truly interesting release! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5 /10

Track List :
01. Disappear (lead vocals: Don Dokken)
02. Resistance (lead guitars: Doug Aldrich)
03. Something About You & Me (lead guitars: Steve Lukather)
04. Rise My Life (lead guitars: Reb Beach)
05. Your Mirror
06. It Doesn't Matter Now
07. Another Million Years
08. Feel the Hope (lead guitars: George Lynch)
09. Chasing Illusions (lead guitars: Timothy Drury)

10. Them Bones 

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