Friday, March 29, 2013


Snowfall originate from the icy Norway, that's why they got their name. The 'mastermind' behind the band is the "PB" Riise who is well-known from his work with the very good band of Winter Parade that released two pretty good efforts. After the 'freezing' of the Winter Parade, "PB" Riise along with guitarist Tore Meli decided to give flesh and bones to a completely new band; and the name..... Snowfall.

The pieces of the puzzle that were missing were supplemented with the additions of the very talented Lee Small (Shy / Phenomena) on vocals and Perra Johnson (Coldspell) on drums. So, nowadays, Snowfall is offering us their maiden job which is very interesting! It is worth noting that the production of the album is edited by the mighty Martin Kronlund.

The songs are characterized by beautiful melodies, clever choruses, tight orchestrations, very good vocal performances and an 80's mood. Surely, this is not something new or something we have not heard before but the final result is pretty interesting and overall solid. Sounds like they are trying to escape from the ordinary Swedish standards and approache the American scene. The opening song "Don't Drive Me Home Tonight" is just amazing! It has a catchy rhythm and a chorus line to die for in combination with a tough riff and the result is this amazing song. Other highlights of the album is the fantastic ballad "Heavens Not Up There", "Wolfs liar", the heavy "Alexandria" and «Stampede".

This is a very good album all the way which should not go unnoticed by any fan of Swedish melodic rock sound as well as the fans of the American hard rock scene.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track List :

1. Don't Drive Me Home Tonight
2. Citadel of Pope
3. House of Prayer
4. Heaven's Not Up There
5. Jack of Diamonds
6. Wolf's Lair
7. I Won't Be Lonely Anymore
8. Stampede
9. Oscillate
10. Alexandria
11. The Vesper Bell

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