Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SilentLie joins Atomic Stuff

Atomic Stuff is pleased to welcome in its roster the Trieste based metal band SilentLie, for the promotion of the EP "Blood Under Snow", which is scheduled for release in spring 2013.
SilentLie are:

Luigi Pressacco - guitar
David Sportiello - bass / keyboards
Andrea Piergianni - drums
Giorgia Sacco Taz - vo

SilentLie Biography
SilentLie was born in 2005 from an idea of Giorgia (vocals) and Luigi (guitars). After Davide (SinHeresy founder) and Roby joining on bass and keyboards, the band composed a couple of songs, characterized by Giorgia’s introspective and obscure lyrics, perfectly supported by a heavy and solid riffing.

In 2007, with the help of Silvano Bassi (formerly in Steel Crown) on drums, they recorded "Behind My Face", a demo that gave the band several satisfactions. In 2008 the song "Silence Of Your Mind" appeared on two compilations: The Funeral Vol.2 (for the american label 272 Records) and Maximum Rock Attack (for the Magazine Maximum Rock). In 2009 the song "River Of Torments" was used as soundtrack for the movie "Blood Sisters", from which a video was also extracted. In the same year Roby left the band and Andrea (formerly in Fuel From Hell) became the official drummer. 

After a 2-years break (spent working on various personal projects), in January 2013 the band realized "Blood Under Snow", a five-tracks EP (recorded and mixed at Palo Alto Studio - Trieste and mastered at Finnvox Studios – Helsinki, Finland).
Atmosphere and heaviness are the main ingredients of the sound of SilentLie.

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