Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So, this is it! On 2nd of March I witnessed one hell of a live show! The fact is that I was curious to see live, once again, Michael Bormann and Redrum. I just love their debut album and I'm a huge fan of Bormann's works with Jaded Heart, projects but, also, his solo stuff!!! I was, also, anxious to hear some of their new tracks, from the up-coming album, live.

I was at Eightball at 9.00 o'clock and the band that was playing live that time was Soundtruck. I missed the opening act so I started my evening with Soundtruck! I have to admit that this band rocked me with its 'punchy' southern hard rock and its excellent frontman!! I think that this band has a bright future!! The guitars are sharp with some very good riffs and solos and the musicianship is tight as hell!! These guys performed their set list with heart and soul and I will keep an eye on them in the near future!

  • SOUNDTRUCK SET LIST : Feels Like Home, Ride On, Take It Easy, God Damned, On The Run, Wishing Well, Sweet Little Baby, High, Goliath, Straight To Hell

The next band that came to Eightball's stage was Bangkok Babes. To be honest I have never heard anything about this band till now. They are hailing from Norway and their music is good melodic hard rock but nothing really breathtaking. Some good songs, good riffs and a good singer....nothing more nothing less!! Two of the Bangkok Babes members, Lars ForsethPer Helge Bruvold, participated with Michael Bormann on the RAIN project several years back!!

  •  BANGKOK BABES SET LIST : I Want You, Whipping The Horse, Wasted Advice, Pretty Pretencious, Miss Delicate, Roll It Over, Miss Mystery, Speeding, Cronical Tragedy, Take What You Want, Bread In The Bone, Once Smitten.

And here comes the real thing!!!! REDRUM is on stage and the first notes of 'Scream" welcomes Mr. Bormann on stage!!!! The guitar duo of Athan Lyssa Kazakis and Panos Baxevanis were simply awesome and the guitar riffs and solos were heavy with plenty of melodic lines!!!! The addition of Marco Grasshoff on keyboards gave to the final result an extra and more melodic flavor.They played almost every track from their debut and the couple of the new ones were a great appetizer of what are we going to expect from "Victims Of Our Circumstances" that will be released later this year! Overall, this was an awesome live gig that we will remember for a long long time! Thanx to REDRUM for this great evening.........

  • REDRUM SET LIST : Scream, Ready For The Big Ones, Thirsty For Love, Judgement Day, To Good To Be True, Dust In Your Eyes, It's Only Physical, Stand Up, Tear Down The Walls, Heart To Heart, Lonely Lady, Dirty White Boy, You're The Voice, Live And Let Die  

P.S. : My personal thanx to Chris !!! 


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