Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Trail Of Murder is a brand new Swedish band that was formed by vocalist Urban Breed and guitarist Daniel Olsson both in Tad Morose. With the addition of drummer Pelle Akerlund the band started to work for their debut album which is titled "Shades Of Art".

The band achieved to get a good record deal with Metal Heaven company and they are ready to rock our world with this solid release. Trail Of Murder 's style can be described as the perfect mix of Euro melodic metal with 'punchy' in-your-face guitars, big melodies and some powerful vocal performances by this charismatic front-man.

The opener tune of "Shades Of Art" is awesome! Great arrangements, powerful performances, huge guitar work and a catchy chorus line; all the above perfectly balanced in a great song! Another highlight here is "Higher". An ass kickin' track with a superb melody and Breed's amazing performances. Other strong moments here are the more 'technical' "The Song You Never Sang", the ala Queensryche styled "Your Silence" and the melodic "I Know Shadows".

All in all, this a big surprise for every fan of pure Euro melodic hard and metal sound! If you dig the big in-your-face sound, thunderous drumming, razor and sharp guitar sound and a true metal singer, then don't miss this album. It rocks!!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01 - Shades Of Art
02 - Carnivore
03 - Lady Don't Answer
04 - Mab
05 - I Know Shadows
06 - Your Silence
07 - Higher
08 - The Song You Never Sang
09 - Nightmares I Stole
10 - Child Of Darkest Night
11 - Some Stand Alone
12 - My Heart Still Cries

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