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INTERVIEW : Vinny Brando (drums) of RHYME

RHYME has just released its second effort "The Seed And The Sewage". Their debut effort, "Fi(r)st" received some great reviews and the band in its short career achieved to perform countless live gigs and play with some 'big' bands including The Misfits and Papa Roach!! The mix of several rock styles (hard rock, melodic metal, modern rock e.t.c.) make their music very 'attractive' and in my humble opinion they can be 'leaders' in the metal scene next years. Vinny Brando (drums) accepted my invitation to talk about RHYME's new release but also some other interesting stuff!! Enjoy!!!

Heavy Paradise : Firstly, I would like to welcome you here in heavy paradise for this
interview and congratulate you for the “The Seed And The Sewage” release!

VB: Well, thank you guys for having us and for a great review on "The Seed And The Sewage"!

Heavy Paradise : Can you tell us some things about the band?

VB: This is basically a 360 degrees working band in a way that everybody brings something very important to the project. Rik and Teo founded RHYME in 2008 after discovering the beauty of writing music together. Gab joined the crew just in time to record the debut album "fi(R)st" giving the band his signature voice. Since then it's been a roulette for them to find the right drummer to do the beat. With me I can, modestly, say they found it! Joking aside RHYME is now a beast ready to win you over with the purest rock intentions.

Heavy Paradise : So, let’s get back to your new album; I would say that I really
enjoyed every single minute of “The Seed And The Sewage”. Are you satisfied by
the result of your new release?

VB: Given the fact that we had less time than we thought to make it work, we can finally say that we are completely satisfied. It's been a tense and exciting process in different ways. I personally think this album can do great things; I mean, not often these days you have in your hands an album of simply tight, intense and deep Rock, Punk, Metal or whatever you wanna call it. And the sound Teo produced out of the mixing and mastering is just huge... but trust me, we manage to be even louder on stage! 

Heavy Paradise : The lyrics are about different things and not only for love and
relationships. Who is responsible for the lyrics and music? Is it a one man’ s work or
is it a team work result?

VB: Pretty much all the lyrics are by Rik and every song born from a guitar riff. Teo usually records his shreddings on ProTools and at times he uses midi drums to let us listen to the ideas. For "The Seed And The Sewage" we took everything we had in the studio and we actually completed and structured all the songs, playing them over and over. At the end we knew perfectly which of the tunes would have ended up to be the official track-list.

Heavy Paradise : You chose to cover a Depeche Mode tune, does this has that something to do about your influences? What are the band’s main influences?

VB: It's not that Depeche Mode is our main influence. To be clear, I love the band; but the only real reason is that Wrong is just a killer catchy track.
About the main influences, what can I say... it's always difficult to answer such a tricky question. Every one of us share of course the love for a lot of different artists, such as the 'Tallica or Queen to make an obvious example (those ones that never die); but we also have completely opposite tastes on other stuff. And I believe that this is why RHYME can unite lots of people whit different views on music. 

Heavy Paradise : How can you describe your music style?

VB: I honestly hate to put labels on bands because I just love so much music for what it is and its essence but since your asking I can tell you how people most of the times label us: Heavy Rock/Post Grunge. And, in case you were asking about MY music style, those are the words who can explain it better: loud, ignorant, smelly and passionate! ahahah

Heavy Paradise : Are there going to be some live performances to promote your new

VB: You bet! We are waiting to embark on a Russian Tour in late November that it will take our music in a bunch of freezing but fascinating cities. Then we will host one of the most important event before the end of the year: the 15th of December we are going to play and release "The Seed And The Sewage" at the Honky Tonky in Seregno, IT. It's gonna be a party full of guests and surprises so... don't miss it! And so on, in 2013 we will be seen in Italy for a long tour, then USA and other countries. Get ready!

Heavy Paradise : How difficult is nowadays for a band to get a good record deal?
How do you see the metal/hard rock scene nowadays?

VB: The question is: Is it even possible anymore? We worked hard to sign with Scarlet/Bakerteam and these guys are doing an amazing job of distribution and promotion. They really are believing in "The Seed And The Sewage"! Still it's important to understand that we, as pretty much every underground band out there, self produce our music and we put blood and money on the line. It's not a good moment for this business, we all know that, but it's the time where you can see who has the guts to go on and on, swimming in a sea of thousands of obstacles.

Heavy Paradise : So, closing, do you want to leave a message to your fans?

VB: First of all, I want to thank you all again. You are the reason why RHYME is still riding fast, remember that! I'll see you very soon to some place near you. For now you better start learning the songs, if your ready to sing them with us, 'cause we are coming... and we're coming angrier than ever!

Heavy Paradise : Thank you very much for sharing these things with Heavy Paradise.
All the best for your future plans.

VB: It's been a pleasure, all the best to every person that still supports live music. Join Our World on


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