Friday, October 12, 2012


"Portrait Of A Dying Heart" is Secret Sphere's seventh release and it's the band's first album with a new singer! The very talented and well- known Italian singer Michele Luppi ( Los Angeles, Vision Divine e.t.c.) takes control here and I have to say that he is doin', once again, a great job!

It's always a big risk when you are changing the lead singer of a band but when you take a singer as good as Luppi is, then it's sure that you are in the right way! I'm not a fan of this band but I love Luppi's voice. This guy has an amazing voice range and in my humble opinion he is one of the best shouters nowadays. Luppi said about this record : "Portrait Of A Dying Heart is by far one of the best albums I've done". After the first listening of the "Portrait Of A Dying Heart" I have to say that I'm impressed!! It's heavy, melodic, it has some really magical moments, great arrangements and Luppi's voice is on top form.

There is no filler in sight and the highlights here are plenty. "X" is a brilliant melodic power metal tune with a killer chorus line. "Union" has a great melodic rhythm while "The Fall" is a more in-your-face heavier rocker. "Lie To Me" has a darker vibe and reminds me of Tony Harnell's Starbreaker second disc. For sure one of the best songs from this album. "The Rising Of Love" is a great power ballad and the last song that closes the album is one of the best 2012 songs. "Eternity" is a perfect and an AOR-ish track with a heavenly influenced melody and Luppi's amazing vocal performances.

Closing my review I have to say that this is a very enjoyable album from start to finish. One of the best melodic power metal albums that I heard for a long time with great arrangements, amazing vocal performances and some impressive guitar work. For the fans of pure melodic power metal this is a must have. For the others please do a favor to yourself and listen this one!!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
 01. Portrait Of A Dying Heart
02. X
03. Wish & Steadiness
04. Union
05. The Fall
06. Healing
07. Lie To Me
08. Secrets Fear
09. The Rising Of Love
10. Eternity

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