Sunday, October 7, 2012


For the band's debut album, Firehouse's axeman Bill Leverty helped them with the production and the mix and indeed he did an excellent job! "Bring It" was Rockarma's second release and was originally released in 2007.

This is a disc that will make any fan of early Firehouse, Slaughter, Danger Danger and Motley Crue happy! It's pure, an 80's bliss filled with big choruses, melodies and harmonies to die for. The guitar licks by Pete Fry  are over the top and Damon Kelly is doin' a damn fine work on the vocal performances. The whole band is tight and the songs are all well-crafted making this cd a very enjoyable ride. "Bad June" opens the album with a great 80's, early 90's, air with a feel-good vibe and the party begins! "Between You And Me" is another pop metal anthem with a sing-a-long chorus line that could easily appeared in any of Danger Danger's earlier release. Great stuff!! Other highlights here are the Firehouse-esque "I Know", the acoustic-rocker "Hereafter" and the hair metal hymn "That's All".

All in all, this an excellent album from start to finish. It's rockin' and rollin', it has everything that an 80's hard rocker could ask for but, most of all, the musicians here put heart and soul to deliver a solid record!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01. Bad June
02. Between You N Me
03. All 4 You
04. Get Me Outta This Hole
05. I Know
06. Missing You
07. Bring It!
08. Here After
09. Feels Like I'm Fallin
10. Lets Go
11. Thats All
12. Same Ol Song

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