Monday, October 29, 2012


These German melodic hard rockers made a big impact last year with their debut album "Brace For Impact". So, nowadays, the band is back with album number two and once again with a great one!! "2 Big 2 Fail" includes everything that debut has; strong melodies, soaring vocals, great guitar lines and a tight musicianship!

Singer Jan Manenti is doin' an excellent work here regarding the vocal performances and, in my humble opinion, he is among one of the best shouters in today's European melodic hard n' heavy scene!! The first single, "XTC," is a truly fantastic tune! Catchy as hell with a chorus line to die for and a huge guitar work!! One of my favorite 2012 tracks so far! "Restless Heart" and "The Great Escape" are both extremely melodic and catchy tunes with great arrangements and  fantastic harmonies. "The One" is another solid track which features some classier hard rock lines while "2 Big 2 Fail" is another winner from this release!!! Fantastic track with a monstrous melodic line and a chorus line that stuck in your mind for days!!!

Overall, this is a really great album to include to this year's best releases! Great songs, a tight musicianship and some huge performances make this album a highlight for 2012 Top lists! Well done!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8,5/10

  • Track List

01. Save My Soul
02. XTC
03. Burn The Night
04. The One
05. Restless Heart
06. Home
07. The Great Escape
08. Too Big To Fail
09. We Fall
10. The Big Screen Pleasure (And Pain)
11. Alone
12. The Perfect Mistake 

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