Saturday, September 29, 2012


Eleventh album for one of the most important and popular bands of the American hard rock scene in the last 20 years and something. Dokken is back with a dynamite release to prove us that the Don Dokken and his gang are here to stay! Personally I grew up with the sound of this band and especially the sound of George Lynch's guitar. I was disappointed when the American virtuoso left from Dokken but hey, that's life. In the post-Lynch era veteran rockers were in the search of the perfect subtitute and finally they found him in the name of Jon Levin.

 The key question in the lips of Dokken fans is what they can offer us in the year 2012? First of all I would say that  "Broken Bones"  'brings' some elements of the great "Tooth And Nail" with a more fresh air! To understand what I'm talkin' about just listen to the opening song of "Empire" and you will get the meaning through. A monsterous catchy, in-your-face rocker with Jon Levin furiously trying to bring a few memories of Mr. Scary but without losing his own identity and the 'leader' Don Dokken in top form!

In "Broken Bones" we have a darker and 'modern' sound in the vain of "Dysfunctional". "Best Of Me" and "Blind" are both good songs and "Waterfall" is the first average moment of this new album. Uninspired and without offering something new I push the fast forward to go to the "Victim Of The Crime" that resembles the good ol' Dokken. The "Burning Tears" is just amazing and "Today" is the surprise so far! Mid-tempo rhythms, dark sound and a 'modern' touch to make this particular song a highlight. "For The Last Time" is another superb tune and one of my personal favourites. "Fade Away" and "Tonight" that closing the album are both amazing!

 I would say that the Dokken guys are offering once again a solid album! Really, "Broken Bones" has nothing to envy of the band's latest releases while facing during their glory days!! Do not miss this album......
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
Broken Bones
Best Of Me
Victim Of The Crime
Burning Tears
For the Last Time
Fade Away

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