Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A SOUND OF THUNDER Kickstarter Succeeds, New EP and Album Coming Soon

Fans of Washington, DC-area metallers A SOUND OF THUNDER have successfully funded the band's Kickstarter campaign for the recording of their third-full length album Time's Arrow.  The band have begun work on Time's Arrow at Assembly Line Studios with producer Kevin "131" Gutierrez (Shinedown, While Heaven Wept, Raven).   With the same band line-up, producer and studio that created 2012's acclaimed Out of the Darkness (Nightmare Records), Time's Arrow features 11 new songs combining rousing and catchy traditional metal with crushing modern production.  The album also features a guest appearance by Blaze Bayley performing a duet with vocalist Nina OseguedaTime's Arrow will release in early 2013.

The Kickstarter campaign began on August 20th with a fundraising goal of $8,000, intended to fund the recording of TIME'S ARROW.  Supporters gain access to numerous rewards, including downloads, CDs, t-shirts, a limited box set edition of TIME'S ARROW, and unique and rare items from the band.  Supporters are also offered the chance to sing background vocals on TIME'S ARROW, appear in the band's next music video, and have music written specifically for them. The $8,000 fundraising goal was met and surpassed with several days remaining on the campaign, which ends on Wednesday, September 19th at 11:00 AM EST.   
"We're all so proud and thankful to have such enthusiastic and generous fans," said Osegueda.  "I hope they will enjoy the album and EP...we couldn't have done it without them."
In addition to Time's Arrow, A SOUND OF THUNDER has announced a second new release, the Queen of Hell EP, available exclusively as a Kicstarter reward and due out in November.  Also recorded at Assembly Line Studios with producer Kevin "131" Gutierrez, the Queen of Hell EP contains four new tracks, including a guest appearance by Veronica Freeman (Benedictum), and a cover of Black Sabbath's "Trashed". 
 "We've always wanted to do an homage to classic swords & sorcery themed metal album covers," says lead vocalist Nina Osegueda.  "As you can see, we've gone horns up with the Queen of Hell art...I finally have the throne of skulls I've always wanted!"  The cover art was provided by Serbian artist Dušan Marković.

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