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Steevi Jaimz interview!

Steevi Jaimz was the first lead singer of the Glam-metal band Tigertailz! With Tigertailz they released the classic "Young And Crazy" album in 1987. The album featured Steevi Jaimz, guitarist Jay Pepper, bassist Pepsi Tate, and drummer Ace Finchum. The debut created interest in the band and climbed to the top 40 with the single "Livin' Without You". Nowadays Steevi Jaimz is a solo artist and in 2009 he has released the amazing "My Private Hell" album.
Below you are going to read some really interesting things that Jaimz said to Heavy Paradise about his Tigertailz days, his solo career and his future plans. Enjoy!!
Heavy Paradise:  Hello Steevi! I would like to welcome you here in Heavy Paradise for this interview!

Steevi Jaimz : Thanks guys

Heavy Paradise :  What keeps you busy these days Steevi? Are there any hot news from Steevi Jaimz's camp?

Steevi Jaimz : Well, i've been busy writing new tunes for the follow up to the My Private Hell record. Hoping to get into the studio with Chris (Laney) and Anders (Ringman) again this year!

Heavy Paradise:  Last year you have released a superb album! "My Private Hell" is a fine example of pure heavy sleaze stuff! Also, this album have received some really great reviews all over the net. How do you feel about that?

Steevi Jaimz : Thanks. Yeah... It was received really really well all over the world, so i was thrilled to bits. It was a long road getting it done and getting it out. But all the hard work paid off in the end. Everyone involved was very proud of it.

Heavy Paradise :  In "My Private Hell" you had a helping hand from the mighty Chris Laney. It seems that we have a winning duo here! This album sounds to me, in some parts, like the perfect mix of Zan Clan and Chris Laney solo album. Can you tell some things about this collaboration with Chris Laney?

Steevi Jaimz : The whole record was written and performed by myself, Chris and Anders Ringman. So not really a duo. Anders's work on it shouldn't be underestimated. Let's not forget, these two did the very successful Crash Diet  "Rest In Sleaze" record, amongst others. An absolute winning formula! But yeah, Chris was awesome doing this record, we had a lot of fun making it. And i think that comes across on the record too. He and Anders are geniuses in the studio in my opinion.
They helped me so much, and got the best out of me too. The collaboration between myself and Chris kinda happened by accident. We met over the internet, got on so well that i asked him if he could help me do some tunes, the rest was just a natural progression. We hit it off so well that we turned from just doing a couple of demo tunes to a full blown record. After working with them for so long we've all become great friends as well.
Heavy Paradise : If you had to choose your favourite tracks from "My Private Hell", which would that be and why?

Steevi Jaimz : I still listen to it now and find it hard to pick out favourites. I guess if i had to there's a few. I Don't Wanna Walk Away is great, My Private Hell, Something Good Something Bad and of course Amazing!!!

Heavy Paradise : Any funny stories from the recordings of this album that you will like to share with Heavy Paradise?

Steevi Jaimz : Quite a few really. I guess one that sticks out is the night after recording some stuff in Polar Studios. Anders and I decided to go to a rock bar in Stockholm. We arrived at the bar a little worse for wear after a few shots in the studio. Anyhow, a couple of hours and a few more beverages later. I went outside for a cigarette. I finished and got into a bit of a scuffle with a handful of bouncers. Bad move, i ended up on the floor with a large size 10 boot pressed on my throat. Spent the next couple of days with an imprint of the sole of a boot on my neck. That story kept us all amused for quite some time afterwards.
Heavy Paradise : So, lets go back to your Tigertailz dayz! 'Young And Crazy" is still a classic album in my book! What went wrong back then and you didn't continue with Tigertailz? What are you missing from those Tigertailz days?

Steevi Jaimz : As i've said many times before. Drink, egos and attitudes all played a big part in it really. They weren't happy with me, i wasn't happy period. And it just reached the point of no return in the end. And it was best for all concerned to be honest. I don't miss being in that band at all. At the beginning we all worked our arses off to break ourselves and it was great fun. But after a while it just got old. It doesn't hold very many great memories for me.

Heavy Paradise :  You are a musician who lived the glorious hard rock days of the 80's early 90's. What are the main differences of being a musician back then and now?

Steevi Jaimz : Totally different. Back then you could start and build up a big following, as we did with Tigertailz. Today with the internet everyone's a fukkin star, or thinks they are. I don't know what record sales are like now, but if you had the same concept as we did in '85. You would never be able to release a debut album on a indie label and have it sell 70 odd thousand worldwide like we did with Young & Crazy. It would be more in the realms of 2 or 3 thousand worldwide. Most new upcoming rock bands must find it tough. .
Heavy Paradise : Is there any thing that you have wished to change from back then? I mean that, if you had a time machine, would you go back and change some things?

Steevi Jaimz : I don't think so. The lot you get in life is what you're given. Having regrets is not for me. Besides, the people i upset back in the day deserved it, and i used to love winding them up.

Heavy Paradise :  If you have three wishes...which would that be?

Steevi Jaimz: Peace, happiness and prosperity

Heavy Paradise :  What are Steevi Jaimz's influences?

Steevi Jaimz : The list is endless for this one. But frontmen/vocalists would be... Jim Dandy, Ozzy Osbourne & Dave Lee Roth all huge influences on me growing up. As were Steven Tyler, Robin Zander and Phil Mogg.

Heavy Paradise : From the new 'blood' of sleazy/hard rock bands, are there any that impress you?

Steevi Jaimz : I don't keep up with any new bands to be honest. And i'm not a big sleaze rock fan. I listen to old 70's stuff on the whole.

Heavy Paradise : Is there any chance to see you back with Tigertailz?

Steevi Jaimz : No. That's all best left in the 80's.
Heavy Paradise : Can you tell me some things about the "Glam Damnation" album? If I'm right, this album is a reissue of your "Damned If I do...." of 2000?

Steevi Jaimz : It is a re-issue of "Damned If I Do..." It was put out by Swedmetal Records. All repackaged with new artwork and bonus material. Just stuff for the fans ya know. I found some reviews of it on the net recently, they are absolutely hilarious.
Do these idiots do any kind of research? Some even mentioned the production, i mean, come on, the sleeve tells you that they are all old demo's. Some reviewers actually thought the tracks were done in the last few years and said it sounded dated, no shit Sherlock. Hahahaha. In actual fact most of the tunes on it are at least 20 years old. I thought the clue would have been in the 1981 - 1993 written on the artwork. Priceless!

Heavy Paradise : Are you planning for an album with new material in the near future?

Steevi Jaimz : As i said i hope so. I would really love to get into the studio and record with Chris and Anders. We're working on it as we speak, so fingers crossed here.

Heavy Paradise : Any messages to your fans?

Steevi Jaimz : I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years. And a big thanks to all of you out there that bought My Private Hell. You're the best!!

Heavy Paradise : I would like to thank you Steevi for this interview. It was a great pleasure talkin' with you! I wish you all the best for the future!

Steevi Jaimz : And thank you too!
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