Sunday, June 4, 2023

REVIEW : ART NATION, Inception (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 9 June 2023)

One of the best bands that came out of Sweden over the last decade is without any doubt ART NATION. With already three great albums on their back, ART NATION strikes back with a new opus entitled "Inception". The new record is going to be released this June through Frontiers Music

Hailing by the amazing singer Alexander Strandell (Crowne) on lead vocals, extraordinary guitarist Christoffer Borg and by a solid rhythm section of Richard Svärd (bass) & Alexander Lundgren (drums) ART NATION is back again to deliver yet another masterpiece! 

Although the first couple of albums were more in melodic rock/AOR direction, Art Nation with their third opus, "Transition", took a heavier and more modern approach but without loosing any of their earlier huge melodic elements. The newest effort "Inception" sees Art Nation continuimg to deliver up-beat, powerful, melodic and ultra catchy melodic hard rock stuff in a highest quality. 

"Brutal Beautiful" kick-off with a monsterous riffing, Strandell's passionate vocals and with a chorus line enough to sing-a-long for days. "1001" is yet another killer and ultra melodious track that the sure thing is that will be a future classic among the die-hards of the band. The harder-edged "Fight Fire With Fire" is pure melodic hard rock bliss with a more metallic twist in it while in "Break Up" the band is delivering a more modern up-tempo rocker with, again, a huge hook and chorus. "Somewhere I Know I Belong" and "Superman" are both just great tracks and both are among my favorites out of the new record!!! 

An absolute amazing and great record by ART NATION! "Inception" is a killer no filler opus that comes to prove why this band is considered one of the best of their kinds! Fantastic songwritting, solid performances, a larger than life sound and killer songs! TOP STUFF! 

🏆  10 / 10 

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