Saturday, June 3, 2023

REVIEW : SHAKRA, Invincible (AFM Records Release: 30 June 2023)

SHAKRA is ready to unleash its brand new opus entitled "Invincible" this June. The new effort will see the light of day on June 30th through AFM Records. Shakra with "Invincible" continues to deliver strong, powerful, extremely melodic and in-your-face melodic hard rock stuff with a metalic twist that makes "Invincible" a must have for every hard rock fan out there!

Back in 2020, Shakra released the excellent "Mad World". But because of the pandemic situation, the band couldn't tour. But as the band states : " ....Well, we can't go out on stage. But writing new songs? That's possible.....". So Shakra was ready to begin writing songs and the result of all of the band's work can be heard in this new album. 

"The Way It Is" kikcs-off things here in a cool old-fashioned way and that means ; big guitars, loud backround vocals, a sing-a-long chorus and powerful performances that makes this song a true highlight! This song also reminded me a lot of Gotthard's earlier works. The much heavier and edgier "The Matrix Unfolds" is just typical and pure ass-kickin' SHAKRA tune at its best! Then, we have the moodier and kinda of darker tune of "Invincible", the up-beat and rockier "On The Wild Side"  and "Old Irish Song". All the above mentioned three songs are top-notch stuff and includ strong performances, an up-to-dated vibe, killer guitars and, of course, Mark Fox' superb vocal lines! 

One of my personal tracks out of the new opus is "Tell Her That I'm Sorry". An absolute gem with a modern vibe in it, a redicoulsly catchy chorus line and a haunting melody. "As I Lay Down To Sleep" is a truly wonderful, soulful ballad to melt away to. You can really feel Mark Fox's smooth voice touch your soul! Turn on the volume to 10 with two excellent and heavier tracks next; "Between The Lines" and "As Long As I'm Alive"!!! 

All in all, this is a huge record by a great band as SHAKRA is to crank it up and enjoy powerful, edgy, melodic and up-beat music! One of the top 2023 releases! 

Songwritting : 9
Production : 9
Songs : 9
Musicianship : 9

Overall Rating : 9 / 10 

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