Wednesday, June 15, 2022

REVIEW : DEF LEPPARD, DIAMOND STAR HALOS (Release date: May 27, 2022 Universal)

Legendary Def Leppard are back in business with their brand new record, 12th full-length, entitled "Diamond Star Halos". For me, Def Leppard is a band that I grew up with their sound. Albums such as "Pyromania", "High N' Dry", "Hysteria" and "Adrenalize" will always keep a special place in my heart and in my record collection. 

I loved also the more 'diverse' album of "S.L.A.N.G." (which is a killer record), "Retro Active" and "X"!! Leppard's come back effort, "Def Leppard", back in 2015 was, and still is, a solid one that included some great tracks. 

The new opus kicks-off with the 'classic' sounding tune of "Take What You Want". A song movin' between the band's earlier days of Hysteria and Pyromania with a more updated vibe. For sure, a future favourite. Next, we have two rockers that must be played on a maximum volume! "Kick" and "Fire It Up" are both up-lifting, up-beat and modern rock gems that grabbed me at once and both are among my personal favourites out of "Diamond Star Halos"!!! 

The song that features Alison Krauss who's sharing some vocals with Joe Elliott, "This Guitar", is a country mid-tempo acoustic one that is really grower. "SOS Emergency" rocks once again while in "Liquid Dust" we have yet another killer track out of the new album. This one sounds like a leftover song from the "S.L.A.N.G." opus. I really love this one!! One of my personal favourite tunes here is "All We Need". This one features the 'magical" feeling of albums such as "Hysteria" and "Adrenalize"; no doubt about that. "Open Your Eyes" and "Angels(Can't Help You Now)" are both average for a band like Def Leppard. "Unbreakable" is just killer!!! This is a song that reminds the band's first couple records. 

It's always a great pleasure to listen to new music from bands that I grew up with their records. Def Leppard shout out that 'hey, we are still here alive n' kickin'' and I think that after all those years they still got it to release quality and good music!! 

Songwritting : 8
Production : 8
Songs : 7
Musicianship : 10 

Overall Rating : 8,25 / 10 

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