Monday, May 2, 2022


And here it is: the new Cornerstone-Single "PRIVATE EYES"! The song hits home with some very personal and sensitive topics, surrounding being stalked. Michael, who wrote the lyrics and co-wrote the song, exclaims it's "a topic which troubled me for over a year. In the beginning I found it a bit strange, to get stalked by someone, and I even had some laughs about it. During this time, it caused bad dreams and sleepless nights. There was one point, at which I've got eight incoming phone calls within an hour from the person, plus an accumulation of messages overnight”. The track, in effect, spreads awareness on controversial events happening to men.

Produced once again with HARRY HESS, who recently won a Grammy for his work at ALEX CUBA's latest album (best Latin-Pop), a few radiostations already interviewed the band prior tot he release and played the track, but of course most of the promotion will happen within the next few weeks. There is also a video in the making, but due to Covid-19, half oft he band and half oft he film team had to stay in quarantine in the week oft he shot, so it will probably take a while, before it will be finished. Also Cornerstone's day has just 24 hours.... The song is available on Spotify, iTunes and the usual platforms!

The song is available on Spotify, iTunes and the usual platforms!


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