Sunday, July 14, 2019

REVIEW : FAITHSEDGE --- Bleed For Passion (Scarlet Records, Release: 26 July 2019)

U.S. melodic heavy rock band of FAITHSEDGE is back in business with its brand new opus entitled "Bleed For Passion". The new record is gonna be released through Scarlet Records this July. The band consists of Matt Starr (Ace Frehley/Mr. Big), Tim Gaines (ex-Stryper), Alex De Rosso (ex-Dokken) and singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia.

Faithsedge plays classic U.S. hard rock with an emphasis on big an' screaming guitars, big melodies, powerful vocals and, in general, the sound is movin' between classic Dokken, Stryper and melodic-Megadeth (!!!) just to name a few.  The band, of course, puts its own identity and the result is very attractive and enjoyable to each and every single fan of this genre. 

The opening tune of "Back From This" is simply one of the best songs here. A track that reminds me very much of Megadeth (with a more melodic direction) and it features some really impressive heavy guitars, a big bad ass sound and Floridia's 'metal' vocals on front row!! "Angelic" is groovier and more 80's melodic metal with De Rosso's superb guitar lines and this damn solid rhythm section is enough to make you wanna scream for more! 
"Through The Scars" is a good and more modern hard rock track that features, once again, a big groove in it while in "I Know I Need To Let You Go" is the first ballad of the new album. Classic 80's power ballad with a killer melody included. Another highlight out of "Bleed For Passion".  In "Girl When" and "Sky" we have two more powerful and guitar-driven tracks that will please every fan of Dokken, Stryper and Skid Row.  Check out, also, the song that closes the new record, "Reflecting A Voice", which is probably the heaviest track here. Horns up!!!! 

Faithsedge is back in business harder, more powerful and with a bigger attitude!!! "Bleed For Passion" 'smells' classic 80's melodic hard rock/metal from miles away!! A must have for the 80's heavy lovers who like their metal big, heavy and in-your-face!! 

Rating : 8,5/10 

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