Sunday, May 27, 2018


Strange things happened with the release of STRYPER's newest effort "God Damn Evil". The well-known chain store Walmart refused to place Stryper's new opus 'cause of its blasphemy title!!! I personally don't get all those 'noize' around this title. The U.S. Christian community, including some White Metal bands in, consider "God Damn Evil" a not proper title for a Christian metal band (????). 
Back to reality now and the reality is that the legendary band of Stryper releases its brand new record with the title "God Damn Evil" through Frontiers Music. The fact here is that I was very curious of what to expect from Stryper in 2018!!! Michael Sweet and his band mates have offered some really awesome albums back then and since their reunion all their albums were good.

Firstly, "God Damn Evil" achieves to balance perfectly between metal and hard rock and secondly Michael Sweet and co. (including Perry Richardson on bass, the newest member) sounds tight as hell!!! 

One of the true highlights here is, without any doubt, the powerful tune of "Lost". Powerful, in-your-face and heavy with Sweet's vocals on top form this track is just killer!!! "The Valley" is yet another top moment out of this new opus. Melodic metal at its best!!! I really love the heavy guitars and Sweet's more aggressive vocal lines that's givin' the extra 'something' to the final result. The big groove and the more hard rocking rhythms of "Sorry" are just brilliant while in "Take It To The Cross" Stryper delivers one of their most diverse tunes ever!! Flirting with nu-metal and modern metal this track is a big surprise! In "Take It To The Cross", we have Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall, Act Of Defiance) as a guest vocalist. I didn't expect this one from Stryper!!! Other strong moments are the power ballad of "Can't Live Without Your Love" and "Sea Of Thieve's" which are both among my personal favorites.  

Bottom line is that I really like this new Stryper album a lot!!!! The truth is that I consider "God Damn Evil" their best of the band's new era!! It's heavy, melodic, powerful, mature and the band sounds better and more powerful than ever!!! One of the real 'stars' here is without any doubt Oz Fox! His high skilled guitar abilities are just awesome and take the final result to a higher level. A big bravo to the guys that releasing such a solid record!!! 

Rating : 8/10

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