Saturday, May 21, 2011


After seven solo albums, the time for Steve Newman has come to release an album with his long-time friend Mark-Thomspon Smith. Smith is well-known as the ex-lead singer of Praying Mantis. From this collaboration, we have a great album titled "Big Life". In this effort, all the lead vocals are sang by M. T. Smith. Steve Newman is playing the guitars, keyboards and, also, the backing vocals as well.

For me, this album is a pleasant surprise 'cause the final result is simply brilliant. Melodic rock/AOR at it's best with great melodies, very good guitar work and a musicianship that comes from the long time friendship between these two great musicians. The album starts with the brilliant tune of "Dying Day", which is an up-tempo rocker with a catchy chorus line. "Close To You" has some really nice guitar parts while "Better Man" is probably the highlight here. Other very good tracks are "Leaves", "I’ll Still Be Here" and "Deep Water".

Overall, this is a very good release from two very talented musicians. It has everything that any melodic rock fan can ask from this gerne. It has passion, great choruses, melodies and great performances. Well done!!.
HeavyParadise's Rating: 8/10

TRACK LIST : 1. Dying Day, 2. Close To You, 3. Better Man, 4. Calling, 5. I’ll Still Be Here, 6. Feel Alive, 7. Deep Water, 8. At The End Of My Rainbow, 9. Leaves, 10. Stop In Time, 11. Takin’ Me Down, 12. Nothing Without You, 13. Special Relationship

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