Monday, November 15, 2010

Michael Bormann / Different (2010)

Solo album number four for the mighty Michael Bormann. He is an artist that became famous as a lead singer of German melodic hard rockers Jaded Heart. During his days with J.H., before and after, he was involved in several projects/bands but, also, as a solo artist.

As he already said to me, in his interview ( ), : "The songwritting-process was indeed a little different. For instance I used songs (think twice, mr. Rock n' roll), that I wrote for other people, or I worked something out (Life is a miracle) , that wasn't planned for this release...And I changed my mind languagewise (was mir fehlt). I never thought, that I'd ever use a German title on my records...I didn't focus on releasing another typical melodic rock-album. I wanted to be a little different ;-). But of course not upside down. Just wanted to write great songs, maybe more radiostuff..."

The album starts with "Life Is A Miracle". Probably one of the best tunes that Bormann has ever recorded. It's an up-tempo rocker with a monsterous chorus! "To The Top" is another great track with a melody that sticks in your mind with the very first listening. "Think Twice" is the first ballad of the album. A nice song with a beautiful melody.
"Somebody" is an acoustic track and it has a cool vibe in it. "Mr. Rock N Roll" is a good tune, nothin' breathtakin' but overall a good one. "Breathless" is an interesting hard rockin' tune with an inspired rhythm and Bormann's more aggressive vocal duties! "Who Really Wants To Get Older" is an excellent rocker!
"Was Mir Fehlt" is the track that closes the album. Is a song that Bormann singing in his mother language. For me this track shows the huge capabilities of Bormann's voice. One of the best tracks here.

All in all, this is a very good melodic hard rock album. The hard rockin' tunes are perfectly balanced with the mid-tempos and ballads and the performances from Michael Bormann are once again superb. For the fans of Bormann, this is a must have! For the's a great oportunity to discover a great vocalist!
Well done!
HeavyParadise's Rating: 8,5/10

track list:
01 - Life Is A Miracle 02 - To The Top 03 - Think Twice 04 - Somebody 05 - Mr Rock 'N Roll 06 - My Favourite Time 07 - Breathless 08 - Don't You Tell Me 09 - Wouldn't Let You Down 10 - Who Really Wants To Get Older 11 - No Way Out - It Hurts 12 - Was Mir Fehlt


  1. Michael Bormann is just sooooooooo HOT!!! Great new album Different!


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    I'm going to buy tickets for every single show in Germany and fly in from the U.S.A! Can't wait to see Michael Bormann Live In Concert!

    St. Paul, Minn.

  3. Very good new album from ex-Jaded Heart singer. Maybe not as good as his first two but a nice one. Good album Michael!

  4. Michael Bormann Different get's my vote for Top Album of the Year (2010)!!! Super crossover tracks for american radio genre: new rock-modern a/c-popular music and of course melodic rock! A truly diverse mixed treasure chest loaded with awesome songs and killer Michael Bormann vocals!