Sunday, April 14, 2019

REVIEW : Gasoline Outlaws --- Light Up The World (self release, Release: 10 May 2019)

Belfast rockers Gasoline Outlaws are back in business with their brand new opus entitled "Light Up The World" that is gonna be released in May 10th. This new opus comes as the follow-up of the band's debut record,  ‘No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets', which was released in 2015. 

I have to say, and after the very first spin of 'Light Up The World', that I enjoyed every single minute of Gasoline Outlaws' newest effort. It's a rock album, in general, that features some excellent rockers in it with strong arrangements, powerful vocals, chugging riffs and a modern heavy rock sound that make the final result extremely interesting and very attractive to each and every rock fan out there. 

The new album kicks-off impressively with the hard hitting tune of "Light Up The World" and continues with the big and groovier rocker of "Livin' This Way". For damn sure, two of the most impressive tracks out of this new opus. The totally 70's classic rock gem of "Better Days Coming" (guest vocals by Amy Montgomery) is yet another killer track! 

I loved the vibe of "Where We Started". This is a very beautiful mid-tempo song that allows singer Matt Fitzsimons voice to shine on!! The atmospheric and moodier vibe of the whole song 'travels' you away and in general this song is in one word breathtaking! 

"The System Is A Lie" is a nice modern rock song that features a nice beat and, once again, a solid groove while in "Fight For One More Day" is a foot stomping, hands-in-the-air rocker with attitude. 

This is an overall rocking, beautiful and enjoyable album from start to finish. For those who want to discover new bands, I recommend Gasoline Outlaws' newest album with the title "Light Up The World". You won't regret it!  

Rating : 8,3/10 

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