Sunday, February 17, 2019

REVIEW : Trishula --- Scared To Breathe (AOR Heaven, Release: 29 March 2019)

Neil Fraser is a U.K. guitarist who has worked, toured and recorded with many artists such as TEN, Rage of Angels and Tony Mills (TNT, SHY) just to name a few. During his time with Rage of Angels, Neil had worked alongside with vocalist Jason Morgan and Portuguese drummer Joao Colaco. So, when he formed his band Trishula, Jason and Joao were Neil’s first choice to complete the lineup for recording the album. 

The debut album by TRISHULA is entitled "Scared To Breath" and will see the light of day in March 29th through AOR Heaven

The opening tune of "I Can See It In Your Eyes" is simply awesome classic hard rock stuff. Solid, powerful and with a great melody in it, this tune is one of my personal favorites out of the debut. With "Scared To Breathe", "Secrets And Lies" and the brilliant melodic tune of "A Thousand Pieces" Fraser and his band are delivering some really excellent songs. I just love the classic and very 80's vibe that is included in every single moment of the above mentioned tracks. The edgier "Homeland" is yet another highlight out of this record while "Suicide Satellite" 'smells' U.K. hard rock scene from miles away. Just check out the guitar work on "Suicide Satellite"; 'smokin' stuff!!! The fast-tempo tune of "A Love So Cruel" is just killer commercial melodic hard rock at its best and in "Magnetic Memories" we are dealing with yet another cool and a bit more modern rocker.   

I totally loved TRISHULA's "Scared To Breath" album! Neil Fraser is a very talented musician and in this record his star really shines bright. If you love the classic Brit, and not only, hard rock scene of the 80's, then "Scared To Breathe" might make your day. Solid songs, powerful performances and a strong guitar work compose this superb opus. 

Rating : 8/10 

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