Friday, January 4, 2019

REVIEW : Voidnaut --- NADIR (7Hard/7Us Germany, February 8 2019)

Voidnaut is a metal band based in Athens, which was formed in 2015 by Kostas Krikos and Steve Venardo. Soon enough Kostas Alexakis (drummer of Acid Death) and Kostas Tasakos(Ex-Double Square) joined the band and started working on songs that would be included in their debut opus.

My introduction with the band was last December in Thessaloniki. Voidnaut was the opening act for melodic hard rockers OUTLOUD (the band of Bob Katsionis). I have to say that I was really surprised of how good this band was live. So much energy, aggressiveness and overall it was a really pleasant surprise. The band is playing modern melodic metal and it's influenced by bands such as Pantera and Disturbed

The new record also features some guests such as Bob Katsionis (Firewind,OUTLOUD,Solo), Fotis Benardo (ex Septic Flesh, SiXforNinE) and the amazing cover artwork is handled by Giannis Nakos

"Back From The Grave" is simply breathtaking; powerful, in-your-face, catchy (just check out the chorus line) and some 'brutal' vocals here don't bother me at all!! "Haunted", the fast-paced "This Pain Of Mine" and the more straight forward "Porcelain Lady" are three excellent samples of Voidnaut music. All three include excellent arrangements, strong performances, bad-ass double kick drumming, smokin' guitars and overall a very professional sound. "Damage Done" which is probably the heaviest moment here (which features Bob Katsionis) is yet another killer tune. One of the album's highlights is without any doubt the more melodic tune of "Road To Nowhere". With this song, the band shows its abilities to perform excellent and more melodic hard rock songs. 

This is an excellent and solid album all the way. With "Nadir" VOIDNAUT achieved to create a damn fine modern metal album that has nothing to be envy about from similar releases. Remember the name of Voidnaut in the future. This band has the talent to take thing higher in the near future. Well done!

Rating : 8/10 

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