Thursday, June 21, 2018


LITTLE CAESAR is back!!!! In my book this U.S. hard rock act had to be bigger back then, no doubt bout that! Their self titled album in 1990 was and still remains one of my all time favorite records. Tracks such as "Down n' Dirty", the huge cover of "Chain Of Fools", "In Your Arms" and "Drive It Home" are all great samples of a band that knew how to deliver ass-kickin' hard rock stuff with a strong dose of blues!!!

Nowadays and almost 6 years since their last album, "American Dream", Little Caesar strikes back with a brand new opus which is entitled "Eight". As in their previous records, the same here, Little Caesar continue to deliver soulful and powerful classic U.S. bluesy hard rock at its highest order.

Ron Young's , the lead singer, voice is on top form and the rest of the band sounds tighter than ever!! 

The first couple of songs, "21 Again" and "Mama Tried", are both great!! Up-tempo, rocking and exactly what I've expected from Little Caesar. "Crushed Velvet" is just what the doctor ordered; bluesier with a big bad groove in it and Ron Young's soulful vocals in front row!! Awesome!!! With "Time Enough For That", the band delivers a very good ballad. I think that in this song the band shows its skills when it comes to a slower tune. In other words, in "Time Enough For That" we have a great and very gentle ballad and in my opinion, one of the album's best moments. In "Straight Shooter", Little Caesar delivers a punchier rocker with a modern twist in it. 

All in all, this is a damn solid album from this legendary hard rock band. Little Caesar with "Eight" shows their will to deliver soulful, passionate and ass-kickin' blues hard rock. Highly recommended. 

Rating : 8,5/10

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