Monday, May 28, 2018

REVIEW : Frontline --- Heroes (AOR HEAVEN, 2018, Re-Issue)

Frontline is a band that, if you are a fan of the melodic hard rock/AOR sound in general, you gotta love 'em at first listening. The band's debut album "State Of Rock" back in 1994 was and still remains one of the classic Euro Melodic Hard Rock albums ever. One year later, in 1995, Frontline released a good opus with acoustic tunes in it, simply titled "Acoustics", and in 1997 "Heroes" saw the light of day.
First of all, I have to state that "Heroes" is a fantastic record all the way. More AOR oriented than the huge debut "Heroes" is one of those albums that you feel in love at once. I was lucky enough to own the first edition of this masterpiece 'cause of my trip to Germany back then. For many years this gem was out of stock and you could find it around the net in ridiculously high prices. Nowadays and thanks to the rock label of AOR HEAVEN, "Heroes" is back again for your ears pleasure.

After the release of the acoustic album, Frontline moved to a couple of line-up changes. Stephan Bayerlein and Thomas Riess left the band and Thomas Hutch“ Bauer (Bass) and Rami Ali (Drums; EVIDENCE ONE, SHYLOCK) were the new 'kids' on board. With them on board the band recorded and released "Heroes". 

"Heroes" is an album that has no fillers in it! The quality here is guaranteed and you can realize it from the first song till the last one that closes this little gem. "Our Love", "Someone To Love", "On The Run", "I Must Be Dreaming" and "Man In Motion" are only a few highlights here. As I mentioned above, there are no fillers, only killers!!! 

For sure, "Heroes" is an album that is a big must have for each and every single AOR freak out there. A true classic of its kind!!! 

Rating : 10/10

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